MangaStrip Archive 2001
EPISODES 335-414

335 January 7th 2002 The Savior Makineri

336 January 8th 2002 The Gyranfryll Ocha Party

337 January 9th 2002 Everyone A Superhero

338 January 10th 2002 The Absolute Of Good
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "Gryrnu Desert At Orbset"

339 January 11th 2002 Best Laid Plans

340 January 14th 2002 Vuja De

341 January 15th 2002 Nobody Listens To Uni

342 January 16th 2002 Let's Go Chou!

343 January 17th 2002 Missing The Boat

344 January 18th 2002 A Crystal Is Forever

345 January 21st 2002 A Little Nudge In The Right Direction

346 January 22nd 2002 Just Grab Her !

347 January 23rd 2002 Cohibitationally Entrammeled!

348 January 24th 2002 The Girl Who Lived In Eternal Twilight

349 January 25th 2002 Oath Of Office

350 January 28th 2002 Handheld Cordless Rotary Unicornic Drill

351 January 29th 2002 Wordless Workshop

352 January 30th 2002 Tug Of Warmachine

353 January 31st 2002 The Perilous Procrastinators

354 February 1st 2002 Bound For Trouble: A Kink In Her Plans!

355 February 4th 2002 20 Minutes Into The Future

356 February 5th 2002 Razor Horn, Blunt Fist

357 February 6th 2002 He Smiled At Me
Stats and Information for Sisu Kaukaa Toteuttaa

358 February 7th 2002 Dead Weight

359 February 8th 2002 Across The Sea

360 February 11th 2002 Mind Of It's Own
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "The Journey So Far, 3"

361 February 12th 2002 Listen To The Warrior

362 February 13th 2002 Last Wave

363 February 14th 2002 Enough Rope To Hang With
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE SPECIAL: "What If Dr. Seuss Had Done Unicorn Jelly?"

364 February 15th 2002 The Rude Rules Of Life

365 February 18th 2002 You Never Miss Her Until She's Gone

366 February 19th 2002 Chained To Command

367 February 20th 2002 Besomshaft To Broomcylinder!
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "The Colony Project: The Arkbase"

368 February 21st 2002 000 001 002 010 011 012

369 February 22nd 2002 Set State: Target_Acquired

370 February 25th 2002 An Emotionally Charged Situation

371 February 26th 2002 What Goes Around Comes To Ground

372 February 27th 2002 (D+U)=H^3

373 February 28th 2002 It's Only A Miracle When It's New

374 March 1st 2002 Bullet Time

375 March 4th 2002 The Unicorn Who Failed To Make His Roll
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE SPECIAL: "The Many Faces Of Chou Yaru Kazemahou"

376 March 5th 2002 Ratzel-Frackin' Action!

377 March 6th 2002 Put Your Tray-Tables In The Upright Position
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "How To Get Uni in Warcraft IV"

378 March 7th 2002 Glastnost In Crimson And Screams

379 March 8th 2002 A Smak In Time
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "Jennifer Does Impressions: Dragon Ball Z"

380 March 11th 2002 The Very Last Door In The World
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "Help. My Time Machine Is Broken!"

381 March 12th 2002 Afn Gonif Brennt Das Hittel
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "How Jelly Cities Work"

382 March 13th 2002 Enough Farging Around

383 March 14th 2002 Twisting The Knife Of Morality

384 March 15th 2002 Uncompromising Kindness, Uncompromising Justice

385 March 18th 2002 Blind To All But Crimson

386 March 19th 2002 Everyone Loves A Vigilante Superhero
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "Ark Ship Blueprints"

387 March 20th 2002 A Trap Called Hate
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "Beavis Redcloak and Yasui Butthead"

388 March 21st 2002 Too Blind To See The Darkness
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "Something Nice: Happy Fun Time With Kay-Wai"

389 March 22nd 2002 Army Ants
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "Something Nice: Happy Fun Time With Kay-Wai"

390 March 25th 2002 One Down, Two To Go
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "Something Nice: Happy Fun Time With Kay-Wai"

391 March 26th 2002 The Sound Of Rose-Tinted Glasses Breaking
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "Something Nice: Happy Fun Time With Kay-Wai"

392 March 27th 2002 Frankenstein's Redemption
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "Something Nice: Happy Fun Time With Kay-Wai"

393 March 28th 2002 Call Me Daeus
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "Something Nice: Happy Fun Time With Kay-Wai"

394 March 29th 2002 Sidestepping The Obvious
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "Something Nice: Happy Fun Time With Kay-Wai"

395 April 1st 2002 Doing The French Mistake
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "Something Nice: Happy Fun Time With Kay-Wai"

396 April 2nd 2002 Makineri, Savior After All
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "Something Nice: Happy Fun Time With Kay-Wai"

397 April 3rd 2002  The Little Alchemists Of Grindle Bend Are Golden Now

398 April 4th 2002 Start Your Engines

399 April 5th 2002 A Stillness So Brief

400 April 8th 2002 Not In Kansas Anymore

401 April 9th 2002 Neighbors At The Gates

402 April 10th 2002 The Opiate Of Compassion

403April 11th 2002 Defining Sisu

404 April 12th 2002 Liquid Ruby Minutes
Biographical Information: Supporting Cast Of Unicorn Jelly

405 April 15th 2002 The Impossibility Of Good And Evil

406 April 16th 2002 Wrong-Way Lupiko

407 April 17th 2002 Take Lili

408 April 18th 2002 Gift Of Life

409 April 19th 2002 Everybody Has Their Own Worst Problem

410 April 22nd 2002 The Real Captain

411 April 23rd 2002 Two Little Problems

412 April 24th 2002 A Deal With The Devils

413 April 25th 2002 Cutting Remarks

414 April 26th 2002 Your Implacable Eyes
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "Dr. Alchemist's World: How Fire Works!"



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