Alternate Universe Cartoon for: March 29th 2002 C.E.

  Obviously, this Kay-Wai has cooler toys than the version of Kay-Wai that we know. Instead of mechanical fans to stir the air, owned only by the wealthy, ChargeBusters and ShatterGones are most folks stay indoors during Shatterel time.

A CV (CRV in full) is a 'Crystallic Resonance Videon'..their equivalent of the television, obviously. Because people are people, wherever you go, even if those people are sapient Jellies, the basic entertainment genres are all there...cop shows, soap operas (Relationship Drama), fantasy, science fiction, mysteries, animal shows, documentaries....this is to be expected, if you think about it. Any species that can make technology has to be two things: curious about things, and social. That leads to a commonality of interests in all tool-using sapients.

You should not be too surprised to see that Kay-Wai plays what amounts to computer games. We have seen Crystallonic Computational Engines acting as the 'mind' of Unicron J-L-Y, and we have seen how Chou and Kay-Wai once had an unusual 'link-up' that created very lucid visions. Here, in this version of Tryslmaistan, cooperation has led to advancement, and these principles have been put to work.

Jellies clearly get the better deal here...their native biology works easily with such devices, allowing them to enjoy the equivalent of a head-set holodeck as they will. Humans have a harder neurological ports have been developed, but not everyone wants them, or has them. They have been a bit of a hard sell here. Also, frankly, while we on earth would consider the effect a marvel and a wonderment, the issues of interface lag between native Jellies playing Onlink and slower human neurology, means that the humans here generally lose at mixed games of Onlink First-Person Fighters (FPF games) and sports games...without handicapping programs, and...well, some folks find that embarrassing. You know humans.


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