Alternate Universe Cartoon for: March 22nd 2002 C.E.

"Tiny correction: in the original "Unicron J-L-Y" Alternate Universe strip, it was Uni sticking out his tongue - KayWai just grimaced in disgust. ^_^ ...crawling back into my geek-hole..." -BIGEARLX (from the forums)

Holy Crome! That means....this is actually the FOURTH Kay-Wai alternate we have met! Kay-Wai^4 !!!

Kay-Wai Infinity Pie!

Infinite Kay-Wai's are receeding
into the distance, my mind is bleeding 
at the thought of so vast a space 
of variant Jellies yet the very same face 
Alternate worlds so much akin 
in one world a loss, in another a win 
Kay-Wai a boy, Kay-Wai as girl 
cosmic manifold must unfurl 
to show the quantum mystery 
of every alternate history 
every version just as real 
every Kay-Wai alive might feel 
a hint that somewhere what is done 
is undone by another one 
of the infinite series called Kay-Wai 
that fill the multiversal pie 
like infinite berries suspended in time 
the dessert of the gods, fruit-filled and sublime 
the kind that Aleph-star restaurants rate 
and with a bite collapse the state 
of quantum Kay-Wai's all regressing
such multiplicity is distressing 
to any mind mired in the finite 
collapse the quantum, just take a bite. 




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