Alternate Universe Cartoon for: January 9th 2002 C.E.

"The Colors Of Elsewhere" is a marvelous picturebook to give to a young Creatrix, and I treasure mine. Unfortunately, the pages do not scan well into 2D 256 color .GIF format because they are 4D hypertone prints, so a lot of touch up was required, as you can imagine! I had forgotten that there was a picture from Gryrnu in it until recently when I was cleaning out a minor dimensional space I had used to stuff things into (somewhen or other) and my copy of the book dropped out. In the original image, the time cycles for roughly six terrestrial seconds or so, but they had time-blurred the clouds so that the image doesn't appear to skip as the clouds change. The clouds do not move, since there is no wind; they just form and dissapate constantly. According to the time mark, the original lumonograph would have been taken about 200 years (Gryrnese) before Lupiko was born, more or less. 'Multiversal Explorer' must have done a story about Tryslmaistan, I imagine, from the credit. I will have to see if I can find it. 


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