Alternate Universe Cartoon for: February 20th 2002 C.E.

Beyond the Arkbase itself, is a sprawling factory-town, filled with crystal and metal smelting plants, Alchemical factories, farms, and bunkhouses for the enslaved workers of the Colony Project. Just beyond the main wall gate, down the path through the trees, lies the docks. Test flights of the Ark Ships follow a path out and around the docks, over the sea, in case anything catastrophic occurs.

Not shown, out behind the Alchemical Mills, are the Organic Chemical Vats. Normally, the small version of the Arkship Antilinovection Engines, disguised as 'flying brooms' by Law, require a human rider to function. The secret of the Ark Ships is that a slurry of complex, rendered, organic chemicals are carefully injected into the large main cylinders that act as the 'brush' of the 'broom'. The large, vat-grown broom crystals there become hyper reactive when the metallic powders of the 'broom shaft' are engaged. Operating not unlike a gigantic chemical battery, the broom crystals gradually degrade while releasing unholy amounts of energy for lift and thrust. The Organics are contained in the pods which protrude from the walls of the main 'broom' cylinders.


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