Alternate Universe Cartoon for: March 6th 2002 C.E.

WARCRAFT III is coming out this year, the product of the Very Brilliant folks at BLIZZARD, and I am excited about the game, as you can imagine. I once met the original founders of Blizzard, at the very first Consumer Electronics Show I ever went to. Back then, E3 as we know it, did not yet exist, and Blizzard was a very young company. They were all quite excited to meet me...since my family and I were the founders of the original (we long ago sold it off you see), and Blizzard liked the site. They were keen to show me a game called 'Starcraft' which when I saw it had hand-drawn anime-inspired looked more like Macross than what it eventually became. Ah, those were the days, back when I still imagined I had a future, a career, in the games industry....silly me. So much for real-world history.

You probably have done a 'Vanity Search' at some point whilst playing upon the know, use a search engine and look up your own name to see if you have made and impact, and how large if so...see what folks have to say about you, that sort of thing....would you be all that surprised to hear that Creatrixes have their own version of the 'Vanity Search'? In the case of the Creator or Creatrix, such searching amounts to combing though all the alternate, closely parallel universe versions of ones self, to see how things might have turned out if only some other decision, or events had occurred. Among the many alternate realities, like the one where I actually did succeed as a game designer (tragic end, though), the one where computers were never used for games at all (I was burned as a heretic for religious reasons in that one) and so forth, I came across one universe where everything was mostly the same, except that I had become best buds with the folks at Blizzard because of that one meeting at the CES. Now I still failed as a game designer mind you, which led to me still creating Unicorn Jelly more or less as you see in in our shared universe, with one difference..... Unicorn Jelly there is much more popular than here. Much.

Which is why in that alternate universe, so far, yet so near, many of the characters from Unicorn Jelly are secret playable units in that alternate world version of Warcraft IV. Yup, in that universe, our Warcraft III is actually Warcraft IV...Blizzard had put out a 'Monkey Island' style adventure game version of Warcraft, if you can believe it, staring an Ork Shaman as the main character! That was Warcraft III in that alternate world. It was actually rather neat, but it failed badly...a cult hit, but not a financial one.

Anyway, if you happen to end up on Mundis 2653-ALT3733826-j-km^ Mundis anytime, and also happen to pick up a copy of Warcraft IV: Against The Fire , then you might want to type in the cheat 'JennyLovesBoppin' to get access to a full build tree of Unicorn Jelly characters. They can be built only by the Human side, but Yasui, Millian, Uni, Kay-Wai, Lupako (her name is spelled differently there!), and Chou, as well as Makineri are all buildable units. Uni has his charge and healing abilities, Millian has a multiple attack, and Lupako is a healing unit. Chou has an odd ability....she effectively stuns units around her with her 'Intellect Blast'. Yasui has 'Haste', and Makineri can increase morale and power for all peasant units, allowing them to act as effective fighters! And Kay-Wai? Kay-Wai converts units with 'Affection'. 

So why didn't I stay in that alternate earth, instead of coming back here? In that universe, the World Trade Center is still standing...but Washington D.C. is a glassy, radioactive wasteland instead, and it's martial law everywhere. Not fun. Dorothy was right...there's no place like home...



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