Alternate Universe Cartoon for: February 14th 2002 C.E.

What if my 'Muse' had not choosen me? What if She had shown up decades ago, and decided on, say, Theodore Geisel, the man otherwise known as the utterly brilliant and wonderful 'Dr. Seuss'? I kind of think Unicorn Jelly might have ended up something a little like this.....


I had much fun doing these pages, though it was a bit of work to represent Seuss's style, painting with a mouse. I now own every story by Dr. Seuss....I have tracked them down, angry for 20 years that my mother gave away my original collection because she felt I was too old for the good doctor. Any person who is too old for Dr. Seuss really needs to be buried immediately: they are either starting to stink, because they are very dead, or you really don't want them around in any event. Dr. Seuss is required reading for anyone who would dare claim to possess even the illusion of a soul within their own moldering meat.

Theodore Geisel was a genuine Creator, doing some time on the rock. Like me, or so I like to imagine.
I love Seuss.

Three Interesting Things About Dr. Seuss:

1.  Theodore Geisel was all too well acquainted with the horrors of World War 2, and Nazi Germany, and strived in his works to fight bigotry, racism, and war. Allegories like those in, say, 'The Sneeches' were very deliberate. He was also an uncompromisingly kind man who would often help total strangers, asking nothing in return.

2. Almost everyone knows 'The Grinch That Stole Christmas'...but the story alone is no indication the man was a true Creator.  Rather, it is the location of the story....Whoville. The Whoville of the 'Grinch' story is the very same Whoville that existed as a microscopic, essentially nanoscale, pocket universe sitting on the surface of a dandilion puff, the same microscopic cosmos that was protected by Horton the Elephant in 'Horton Hears A Who'. Yes, That 'Whoville'. Not the usual set of concepts for a kiddy book, is it?

3. The first drafts of most of Geisel's books were rather....raunchy. All those nonsense words were often dirty words, or nasty, satirical puns... he would read these version to his friends for laughs at private parties, before changing them into harmless nonsense words for the final product. This twisted sense of humor was legendary, and a shrouded reference to it can be found in many places, including the original motion picture of 'The Ghost And Mrs. Muir', where a children's author is depicted as being an author of (oh, the shocking, shameful horror!) 'naughty' adult books as...a satirical and veiled reference to the popular Geisel. He was a fun man with a sense of humor.

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