Alternate Universe Cartoon for: April 1st 2002 C.E.

 In what some readers are now calling 'The Happy Universe', this Kay-Wai has the pleasure of enjoying the output of our good doctor Daeus unshattered by corrupt government, unbroken by disappointment, unbowed by betrayal, or unfairness, or the cruelty of a ruthless elite. Here lives a Makineri who is not an Alchemist, but instead an artist, a writer, and a filmmaker. In this universe, Daeus was not driven half mad by a vile and uncaring system, here is a Makineri who was allowed to live to his real potential.

Of the vast number of books, films, plays, recordings, and other works that this D. E. Makineri has produced, more than a few concern themselves with characters which are native to the Tryslmaistan universe. Daeus is a bit of a champion of the Jelly and Slime population, and has collected, and published in Talcryl collections of native song-stories, as well as other texts. Makineri is a doctor in this universe too...but not of mechanics and physics...he is a doctor of languages and sociology. He is totally fluent in Jellese, even if he is physically -as are all humans- unable of actually 'speaking' the language.

With the help of his three daughters, he did a series of poetry books. His young daughters, Rilia, Kaliand, and Tika drew illustrations, which Daeus then was challenged with creating poems for. One of these books was "Souls Of The Sand". After an extended stay in a Jelly city, the girls were fascinated by they local sights, and drew what they experienced. This became a book dedicated to matters Jellese.

The various poems were held together by a surrounding story, that of Oolooo, a Sand Singer...the Jellese equivalent of a 'monk' or a 'nun'. In the tale, Oolooo sings songs to enlighten the people, and these songs were represented by the poems Makineri wrote, inspired by his daughters' drawings.

Incidently, the drawing that inspired Eeeoouu (pronounced EE-OH-WOO, by a human mouth) was this:

Which was done by Kaliand, who was only nine at the time. If you look carefully, you can see that some of the Jellies in the drawing have Jellese writing above them...Kaliand Makineri clearly has some of her father's gift for languages. The Jellese glyph depicted is JG-3544, the glyph for what amounts to 'surprise'.  The Jellese word has a particularly curious sound in that it is almost pronounceable by a whistling oscillation that develops into an ululating growl. An ending bell sound is impossible to produce, but otherwise, the Jellese word is within human parameters.

While 'Souls In The Sand' was not a big seller by any means, Kay-Wai particularly treasures his copy here, especially because at one point he seriously considered becoming a Sand Singer, and received formal training...but abandoned it to work with children, instead.

Perhaps I failed to mention....Kay-Wai works as a therapist for injured children in a local clinic. He is famous for doing funny puppet shows there to cheer the children, and is infamous for sneaking in candy and treats for them, rather against the rules. There is a kind of game...almost a battle...between the clinic nutritionist and Kay-Wai at Sweet Potato Clinic For Traumatized Children!

So far, Kay-Wai tends to win...and the children love him for it.


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