Alternate Universe Cartoon for: March 25th 2002 C.E.

Kay-Wai is very popular in this universe, and has many friends, both Human and Jelly. Because the Humans and the Jellies cooperated right from the start in this cosmos, almost all of the animals and plants that came with the humans survived. Exposed to Vlax, and in some cases altered deliberately with advanced genetic engineering, this Tryslmaistan has a vast menagerie of terrestrial-biology creatures, including quite a few we do not have here on earth...such as the Foxbunny, like Meefy here. Meefy is actually part fox, part cat and part hare, with a few genes borrowed from a central gene bank to increase longevity and and dramatically reduce -and control- reproduction.

Bosom-sow fans will be disappointed to know that there are no such animals in this alternate universe...since cattle, oxen and even sheep survived, there was no need to selectively breed pigs that could give great quantities of milk. However, on the cheery side, this also means that no one has to drink sow milk here.

Trust me, that is a blessing.


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