Alternate Universe Cartoon for: March 4th 2002 C.E.

Chou Yaru Kazemahou is possibly the most dynamic character in Unicorn Jelly. No other member of the cast has changed quite as much, or quite as dramatically. Chou wasn't always the superintelligent, nearly emotionless girl we know today...she started out quite ordinary, for Gryrnese standards, as Amalthea Silvarnis Yaru....

Young Amalthea was a bright, cheerful, somewhat spoiled child, and was fond of singing. Amalthea favored bows and ribbons and expensive dresses, which her doting father was more than happy to provide in abundance. She was reasonably bright for her age, though not excessively so, and was very good at reading. The one odd quirk that Amalthea had was a rather obsessive fascination with the largest crystalline 'monsters'...the native fauna of the Gryrnu Worldplate. She collected books and toys of the dangerous beasts, and dreamed of marrying a great monster slaying hero when she grew up. Her secret fantasy was that she would be the first to actually tame the biggest creatures, and ride them around town. Her destruction came when she tired of merely dreaming, and set about to actually attempt such a feat.

Infected by the reproductive effluvium of a Crystal Basilisk, only slight hope remained for dying girl. As we have seen, that hope was lost, and as the replicating crystals devoured their way through her living brain, the child who knew herself as Amalthea forever ceased to be. Locked in symbiosis by the curious properties of Uni's injected 'blood', a new being was born...a half crystalloid, half human hybrid. This hybrid rapidly developed a vast and superior intelligence, but lost all but a limited set of fragmented and incomplete emotions. With no definable memories of her previous personality, this new persona was named Chou, an ancient word that described a mythical, metamorphic creature of wonder, the 'butterfly', by Lupiko.

Over time, Chou has grown in many ways....she began to develop a greater emotional spectrum, only to have this destroyed by a high speed mid-air collision that nearly killed her. Severely impaired, a very childlike Chou struggled to perform even the simplest tasks...but with the higher functions of her crystalline symbiote crippled, her basic human nature asserted itself. During this time, Chou became a loving, trusting, kind and helpful little girl who fought bravely to improve her abilites and overcome her disability.

In a moment both fortunate and deeply filled with loss as well, the crystal symbiote replicator within her finished repairing itself, abruptly awakening Chou's full intellectual capacities once more. Lost forever was the simple, yet lovable child... and in her place stood the hyperintelligent Chou we know today.

While Chou clearly has some capacity for emotional expression, it is limited and confined to a narrow palette. The Chou of today sometimes seems subtly different from the Chou we knew before her accident, and is utterly alien to the impared Chou that preceeded her. Current Chou is somewhat short tempered, if anything even more intelligent, and occasionally almost seems to act in a frighteningly ruthless way. She does not seem to be concerned at all with developing her emotional nature, and is no longer open and communicative...indeed she has been observed to keep important information to herself, and to mimic emotions in manipulative ways for specific goals.

We can only wonder what this latest Chou may do, or may have planned, for her ultimate purpose has gone beyond the feelings of the genuine human heart, or the conjecture of the limited human mind....  


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