Sisu Kaukaa Toteuttaa grew up in the capital city of Gryanfryll Wabe a powerful, bright, and active lad. In very early childhood, however, he was anything but, appearing strangely sullen and withdrawn, which concerned his parents, Jaan Nanise Toteutaaa and Manrit Lepos Toteuttaa. Sometime about the age of six or so, young Sisu began banging his head on walls and furniture, but could not, or would not, explain the reason for such odd behavior. Sisu seldom spoke as a child, and had to be coaxed into even short conversations. Sent to Little Gear Youth Academy, Sisu excelled at studies, but was picked on for being small, quiet and overweight. In his second year of Academy, a sudden change overcame the young Sisu. As he began to grow, he rapidly ceased being withdrawn, and became instead a natural leader among his peers.

On the Academy grounds, Sisu found new and great athletic ability in his rapidly growing body, and became known for his running ability, winning the coveted Crystal Bolt for his team three years in a row. He also began a lifelong study of martial arts, including Myrmil Fist, Flailing Arm, and Te-Kara Akimbo Styles. Sisu used this power to protect and defend anyone who was being harassed on his campus and in his neighborhood, quickly becoming nicknamed 'Great Defender' by his classmates. Now thin, agile and tough, Sisu would not tolerate any bully, and would often get into terrible scrapes, never showing fear or pain.

As an adult, Sisu quickly rose to the position of Operations Controller for the highly renown AkurSaaed Alchemist Faction Research Mill. There, Sisu excelled at meeting production quotas efficiently, and was seen as a man who could not only manage the Mill, but as an admired instructor who treated everyone fairly. He was also an expert chef, and it was at a local exhibition of his hobby that he met the love of his life, the highest ranked independent Witch of Gyranfryll, Faelini Kazemahou.

Faelini was immediately taken by the quiet, yet intense Sisu, and a powerful friendship began. Despite the traditional animosity expected between members of opposing Factions, both Faelini and Sisu found great interest in each others work and careers, and soon began secretly trading Faction tomes and literature to each other. Over many years, the two grew ever closer, until finally the two conceived a daughter, Lupiko.

Sisu and Faelini decided to marry and move in together to raise their child, but this plan for a happy home was the origin of great trouble. A scandal in tradition-conscious Gyranfryll Wabe, the marriage of a high ranking Alchemist and the most established independent Witch was opposed on all sides. Both Sisu and Faelini suffered a great deal of abuse for their decision, but this mattered not at all to the headstrong and freethinking couple. They finally achieved their wedding, but their joy was to be short lived because of the bitter actions of Faelini's sister, Muri Kazemahou.

Muri, who had spent her life manipulating the rapid rise of her sister Faelini from poverty to fame and wealth, was incensed at this insult to her careful planning of her sisters life. Determined to 'correct' what she saw as a grave embarrassment to her family name, Muri made use of her own position and power to destroy Sisu.

Using all of her influence, Muri bent the child protection laws against her despised brother in law, and essentially framed him for raping his own daughter, a crime he clearly did not commit. There are no prisons in Gryrnese society, and for such a serious crime, death was the only punishment. For the first time in his life, with the whole of the Elite Gryrnese Guard out to kill him, Sisu Toteuttaa had to run away. Faelini arranged his unwilling escape, and demanded that he remain alive and free. Having no way to know who had orchestrated this attack upon their domestic bliss, Faelini was concerned that her own research into conspiracy within Gryrnese society was putting their lives in jeopardy....Faelini wanted Sisu to protect their daughter if anything happened to her as well. Thus it was that Sisu became an outlaw, destined to hide in the margins of society thenceforward.

After taking whatever work he could, wandering from town to town, always on the move, Sisu was unexpectedly given a chance to improve his lot. The Governmental Council of Gryrnu had always had a covert branch dedicated to maintaining the stability of the society as a whole. Drafting from the ranks of the outcast and the desperate, Perfection Crystal Violet Ultra offered the role of covert agent to any with the talent and the dependability to play its harsh game. The PCVU had already profiled Sisu as a potential candidate, and were eager to snatch him up should any ...unfortunate... social event force him to an outcast state. Being part of Perfection Crystal served Sisu well...beyond providing total protection from the questionable justice of the Elite Guard, it provided a means for Sisu to watch over his daughter and spouse effectively, if always from afar.

When Faelini died, almost certainly from foul play (according to a PCVU internal report) Sisu had to be physically restrained from action. Faced with compliance or death, Sisu wisely realized that he could best hope to protect his daughter Lupiko by remaining a loyal member of the covert agency. The PCVU takes care of its own, and soon Sisu was assigned to the PCVU's Ponsbury Control, whose cover was that of a local toymaker. It was in his service that Sisu would be best able to keep an eye on his daughter, perhaps to protect her as his beloved Faelini had commanded him. 


Sisu is a very strong, very quiet man, possessed of great endurance and complexity. He is extremely intelligent, and is one of the few humans to have ever become fluent in the tonal language of the sapient Jellies of Gryrnu (though, of course he is physically unable to 'speak' the language). Not only a master of language, Sisu is a master mechanic, an expert at almost al Alchemical research and manufacturing techniques, a master of martial arts, and a natural athlete. His is quiet and introspective, but when he does speak, he can be utterly commanding, or guilelessly unassuming at will. These abilities serve him well as an agent of the PCVU.

Sisu is fascinated by complex puzzles of logic, and is a master Taasen player. He is also a master chef, and specializes in dishes that make use of Gryrnese Basil. He is capable of drawing, but seldom bothers to use this ability. He has a deep and abiding love of music, and at heart is a gentle soul concerned with justice and fairness. He deeply misses the life he could have had with Faelini and Lupiko, and his greatest regret is that he could not have been there for both of them.



Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Occupation: Covert Agent for the Gryrnese Government
Alignment: Neutral Good

Height 6' 2", Weight 253 lbs. Green-Grey eyes, Light Blond hair, Pale skin. As close to pure, unmutated human ancestry as is possible in Tryslmaistan.

STR STRENGTH          15    (+2)
DEX DEXTERITY         18    (+4)
INT INTELLIGENCE      16    (+3)
WIS WISDOM           16    (+3)
CHA CHARISMA          17    (+4)

FORTITUDE         8
REFLEX                 8
WILL                     12

AC  14
SPEED 30' (6)

KINSEY           1.2  (Heterosexual)
RELIGION        Wiccan (Secretly...he is Alchemist Faction after all!)

Hide In Shadows
Hide In Cover
Just In Time
First Strike
Advanced Sneaking
Natural Athlete


Drawing 1
Advanced Physics 2
Mathematics 2
Mechanical Construction and Design 4
Politics 1
Concentration 4
Knowledge, Alchemy 4
Myrmil Fist Martial Arts 3
Flailing Arm Martial Arts 2
Te-Kara Akimbo Martial Arts 4
PCVU Special Unarmed Assault Technique 2


Talcryl and Talcrylic Script
Alpabe Runes
Jellese Tonal Language

Magickal Abilities:

Detect Magic


Proficient with most weapons, prefers to use fists.


Holy Symbol, Silver Pentacle (hidden under clothing)
PCVU Identification Disk
PCVU Standard Issue Compact Multitool (like an earthly Swiss army knife)
Alchemists Faction Uniform
Alchemists Rigid Multi-Lensed Glasses
Ribbon Ponytail Tie (it was Faelini's ribbon)
Masterwork Leather Boots


13,374 Til in Bank
Perfection Crystal Violet Ultra Salary of 155,000 Til/ annually
Many, many investments, not all listed or known.



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