Alternate Universe Cartoon for: April 2nd 2002 C.E.

 OoOhhuueeia is one of Kay-Wai's neighbors, and she is pregnant with three little Jelly children, still in their birthpods. This is how Tryslmaistan Jelly mothers carry their young to term. Jelly mothers get quite large as well, gaining considerable body-mass to support the life of the pods.

When birthtime comes, the pods will swell with fluids, and eventually burst. The tiny Jelly children are not totally helpless like Human babies, and are capable of swarming and oozing about immediately. They bond chemically with their mother, and are actually nursed by her...not with mammaries....Jellies are not mammals, rather the mother Jelly will 'sweat out' concentrated nutrients all over her surface, and the baby Jellies slide all over her absorbing this fluid. It is a very close and nurturing experience for mother and offspring, if a bit sticky.

It is especially nice for Kay-Wai that OoOhhuueeia lives in the same building, and likes him so much...Kay-Wai loves children, and I don't think anyone would be surprised to hear that there is a strong desire in him to be fully female and have children of his, really her, own.

Kay-Wai would make a superior parent.

It has been noted before that Jellies have the equivalent of males and females, but this is not strictly true, as there are also the occasional individuals that rather defy human interpretation...Jellies that are neither and both. These third-sex Jellies tend to become artists and thinkers, but cannot reproduce.

We might see more of OoOhhuueeia and her children, if there is interest!


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