Alternate Universe Cartoon for: March 21st 2002 C.E.

This is the first part of a mini-series. Our, the third version of Kay-Wai we have ever met...this is the Kay-Wai that stuck his pseudo-tongue out at me because of 'Unicron J-L-Y', by the way. Unlike the Prime story Kai-Wai, who fully identifies as female, or the usual Alternate Kay-Wai who might be best described as a kind of Jelly drag-queen, this Kay-Wai is truly transgendered...somewhere in the middle, but leaning heavily towards the female. Just in case you were interested.

Kay-Wai^3, here, comes from a version of Tryslmaistan where everyone knows that there are Alternate Universes, are aware of them, and have a very high level of technology. Myrmil never fell in this Kay-Wai's universe, and humans and Jellies have been the closest of friends since the First People. They live together, work together, and their cities are a blend of architectures.

There are other differences too...Lupiko is studying to be a Scientist (no Alchemist Faction!) here, Chou never happened...instead, Amalthea Yaru lives happily with her father. Lupiko lives with her father and mother together, and Millian and Yasui are not guards...instead, they are fine art dealers! Muri, having had therapy at a young age, is a very nice person who is a kindergarten teacher, and Makineri? Daeus is not only a popular author of children's books, but he is the Myrmillian Federation Of Worldplates' equivalent of Jim Henson...he does a very popular puppet show on the Resor (their version of television...using resonant crystal sets).

I don't know where this Kay-Wai  will take things, but I guess we will find out together.

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