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The Codex Tryslmaistan is a simple guide to the names, places, words and details found in Unicorn Jelly. In this ongoing, progressive work, explanatory information will be available on a host of topics to expand your enjoyment and understanding of the universe that the story of Unicorn Jelly takes place in.



Guild Symbol. ALCHEMIST, the Alchemist Faction of Tryslmaistan Gryrnu.
The Alchemists of Gryrnu are a very political lot who spend more time and effort on internal power struggles than on the actual work they have been trained to do. The Alchemists are in effect the technologists, and the builders of Tryslmaistan civilization, and both invent, and maintain, the structures that keep society running. They value cold reason above all else, and consider life to be a mindless, but wonderous machine, one which can and must be deconstructed and understood. The Alchemists have no tolerance of traditions, beliefs, or mystical thinking. Even so, Alchemists are responsible for more books of wild fiction and poetry than any other social group on Tryslmaistan; Alchemists do encourage free imagination.
The Alchemists of Gryrnu are led by a Chief Engineer who acts as final judge for the Alchemist Tripartate, three individuals that all together form the Alchemist Seat in the Gryrnu Govermental Council. Further, the Alchemists overall are divided into Local and Regional Alchemist Unions, which are know for constant internal struggles and labor strikes. Because the Alchemist Union controls all construction, sanitation, and sea travel, these strikes affect society constantly. The Alchemists Of Gryrnu are given total dominion over matters of invention, major construction, sea travel, technological advancement, and mining among other things. Religion, horticulture, medicine, social tradition, and flight, are all prohibited them, by the Pact Of Myrmil. They are engaged in an incredibly ancient ongoing political conflict with the Witch Faction, which prior to the Pact, resulted in the destruction of the entire Worldplate of Myrmil.
The symbol of the Alchemist Faction is two stylized gears rotating together, one large, and the other small, representing both the power of mechanics and discovery, as well as the structure of power in society...the big gear that rules, and the little gear that must obey. Alchemist Faction detail available. 

Unknown origin. Alpabe: "AL-PAH-BAY" or "AL-PEH-BAY" 1. Sacred Runes.
The Alpabe (or Alpebe) runes are composed of 26 ancient symbols, each of which stands not for a word or concept, but instead, remarkably, for a specific sound. Unlike the Talcrylic glyphs, combinations of the runes are strung together to create meaning. One curiosity of the Alpabe is that unknown words can be sounded out, and new concepts expressed easily. For this reason the Alpabe is frowned upon by the Gryrnu Governmental Council, and expressly forbidden for all legal documents public and private. Wiccan tradition holds that the Alpabe runes were passed down, whole and perfect, to the Holy Ancestors, at the beginning of time, and are to be used exclusively by professional seers alone. Alchemists tend to ignore the Alpabe runes except for certain uses in mathematical notation. Among certain of the common people, and certain eccentric aristocrats, the Alpabe is used for odd purposes, such as shop signs and plaques. It is unknown how many people know the Alpabe fluently, but it is certainly more than governmental policy would prefer.

Talcryllic. Gryrnu: "GREER-NEW" 1. The name of a Worldplate 2. A goal unreached 3. That which is ahead 4. (obscure) the quality of hope
Gryrnu is a colonized Worldplate within the Tryslmaistan universe. Gryrnu, like all Tryslmaistan worldplates, is a flat, triangular planet roughly 300 Km on a side. The upper surface is dominated by a wide, triangular, fresh water sea, surrounded by a crystal desert. Due to the efforts of colonizing humans, the borders of the inland sea are surrounded by forest and grasslands, which have grown and spread following the edge of the waters. Gryrnu is home to a population of approximately 65,000 humans, some 11,000 Sapient Jellies, and assorted life forms. The majority of the life forms are innumerable native crystalline self-replicators, which fill the equivalent niches of plants, animals, insects and sea life. The Gryrnese have encouraged the colonization of a very small available set of green plants and red blooded animals, which they use for food. The effective capital of human civilization on Gryrnu is the city of Gyranfryll Wabe, the first, and largest, city on Gryrnu, and the home of the Gryrnu Governmental Council. See the 10^10 Powers Map for Gryrnu at 10^4 and 10^5  

Talcryllic. Iniyuyisa: "EE-NEE-YOO-EE-SAH" 1. Mathematics 2. Abstract reasoning
The whole of mathematical inquiry is suggested by the word Iniyuyisa. Mathematics, and physics are remarkably advanced in Gryrnu, though only among the Alchemist Faction. Unknown to the general population, however, virtually all of what the Alchemists claim to understand about the nature of the physics of the Tryslmaistan universe is knowledge handed down from before the migration to Gryrnu from the Worldplate of Myrmil. Examples of Talcryl mathematics available Talcryl uses a base seven numerical system. Reason for this choice available This base seven system has its own symbology. Talcryl / Decimal converter available

Talcryllic. Kotranin Warikas: "KO-TRAH-NIN WAR-EE-KAZ" 1. Introduction to 2. To be understood shortly 3. Pay attention or failure will result 4. (They) will be understanding it soon
A "Double Composite" glyph, Kotranin Warikas is pronouced as though it were two words, despite being only one in the Talcryl Language. It is constructed using four elements, 'Utu', the circle and dot, 'Ta' the connecting bridge, and the big and little forms of 'Traika' the angles: So-Traika and Ni-Traika.

Talcryllic. Myrmil: "MEER-MILL" 1. The name of a Worldplate 2. The height of greatness 3. Pride 4. (Rare) the center 5. (obscure) the act of telling a lie
Myrmil was a colonized Worldplate within the Tryslmaistan universe. The humans who settled Myrmil are believed to have possessed an incredibly advanced technology, capable of nearly godlike power. The Myrmillian Witch and Alchemist factions waged a terrible war with unknown weapons powerful enough to annihilate entire cities in an instant. The result of this cataclysmic conflict shattered the crystalline structure of the entire Worldplate, which broke into countless pieces, and then fell, with its 'moon' and 'sun' orbs together, into the atmospheric void. Before the utter destruction of their Worldplate, the Myrmillian Faction leaders created the Pact Of Myrmil and joined together to escape. The few thousand that survived finally settled on the Worldplate later named Gryrnu.

Ancient. Shatterel: "SHA-TER-RELL" 1. A type of weather 2. Crystalized gas 3. The season of crystallizing air
Shatterel is a type of regular weather phenomenon unique to the universe of Tryslmaistan. Shatterel is crystallized air, specifically the elemental, atmospheric gases Tranium and Parbon. Tryslmaistan space is an atmospheric void the primary components of which are Tranium (60%), Parbon (30%), and Hurium (6%) gas, the remainder (4%) is made up of 233 various Tratonic elements. As the solar and nocturnal orbs orbit a Worldplate, they build up a static Aluric charge within the plate itself. At regular, invariable, and precise intervals, the Worldplate releases the charge, acting as a gargantuan Aluric capacitor. The Aluric charge is released rapidly into the air near the surface of the Worldplate, emanating from the edges of all objects upon the Worldplate. The Aluric discharge causes Parbon and Tranium to crystallize into glassy sheets, organized in a tetrahedronal pattern. These hollow crystals cluster around objects, and achieve maximum density in confined spaces, presenting a potential hazard to life. Shatterel also forms in mid air, in huge sheets, which drift down. Shatterel is very fragile, and quickly reverts to a gas if touched. The longer Shatterel remains unbroken, however, the stronger the bonds of the crystal become. Very ancient Shatterel darkens and can become very hard. Shatterel storms while absolutely regular in occurrence, can vary in intensity due to local levels of Aluric charge. A Shatterel storm can occur only as the day orb rises, and will end three hours before the orb sets, the duration also precise.  Dr. Alchemist cartoon about Shatterel available 

Talcryllic. Suumi Paivaa: "SOO-OOH-MEE PIE-VAH" 1. 'Happy Hello', a common greeting 2. An exclamation of surprise 3. 'It's a new day', a statment of renewal
Suumi Paivaa is a common greeting in the Talcryllic language, but can sometmes be used to express surprise or even resignation and hope. Like all Talcryl words, it is an altered form of the many languages brought by the First People, long ago. 

Talcryllic. Taasen: "TAHH-SEN" 1. To conquer 2. To colonize 3. (rare) to make as home.
Tryslmaistan Chess, played on the worldplate of Gryrnu. Taasen is played on a triangular board of 16 smaller trianglular spaces, with nine pieces grouped into three colors. A two-player game, it nonetheless has three playing factions. Full Taasen rules available 

Talcryllic. Talcryl: "TAL-KRILL" 1. The primary language and glyphic writing authorized for uses both public and governmental by the Governmental Council Of Gryrnu. 2. The common tongue of Gryrnu.
According to the faith of the Wiccan Faction, Talcryl was a direct gift from the Goddess. "1313 years ago exactly, when the sky was created, and people created, and all the life of crystal, and of meat and of plant, the Goddess also gave the Talcryl so that the people could speak and write. The Alpabe runes were given also, but not for common use, but only for secrets." -Arulia Ffellenwharn, First Priestess of the First People.
Talcryl is a glyphic language in which there are some 4800 unique symbols, each glyph representing a single, primary idea or concept, followed by up to three secondary concepts. The lexicon of Talcryl is carefully maintained by the Witch Faction, which controls what ideas and concepts may legally be used. This iron fisted control is not as absolute as the Witch Faction imagines, however, as common usage constantly tests the limits and boundaries of the language.
Some incautious scholars have noted that there might be patterns indicating that Talcryl evolved from a diverse mixture of predecessor languages, but this theory is considered blasphemy.
Examples Of Talcryllic Script Available 

Talcryllic. Tryslmaistan: "TRY-SILL-MY-STAN" 1. The name given to the universe that borders the universes of Pastel and Kruum-Aluoor, 26,472 Phict from the interfract of Malagamsis and Aealan.
Tryslmaistan is a "pocket" class cosmos characterized by the dominance of the forces of Planovection, Trinal Paravection, Reticutriation, and Linovection. This results in a reticulated universe based on crystalline principles. This static-state universe appears as a cosmos of regularly spaced triangular worldplates 300 Km on a side, held stable within an atmospheric void. Two opposing 20 Km spheres of charged matter circle each worldplate generating a buildup of charge in the worldplate which is released into nearby space, causing an intermittent atmospheric crystalization sometimes called "Shatterel". Tryslmaistan is home to a diverse number of curious, self replicating native crystalloid life forms. 10^10 Powers Map Available , Multiversal Catalogue information about the Tryslmaistan Universe available

Guild Symbol. WICCAN, the Witch Faction of Tryslmaistan Gryrnu.
The Witches of Tryslmaistan Gryrnu, and from lost Myrmil as well, have both similarities and differences from the Wiccans of our 21st century Earth. Tryslmaistan Witches, like their terrestrial namesakes tend to believe in a nurturing Nature-aligned Goddess, and are not concerned with faith or worship per se -as on earth some Tryslmaistan Witches are atheists. They also tend to believe in Magick, the ability to alter reality to some degree by force of Will. Unlike some of their earthly cousins, the Wiccans of the Tryslmaistan universe do not have a masculine God as well and they have no names for their Goddess at all, feeling that naming Her would limit Her. The Wiccans of Gryrnu operate uncomfortably close to the methodology of large, political, powerful organized religions such as earthly Catholicism, with all that implies. Some people, especially those that believe in the First People, think that this unique form of Wicca was the result of many religions being fused together under one accessible mythology which best fit the circumstances. Gryrnu Witch dogma states that the Goddess created the world and the people upon it exactly 1313 years ago (miraculously always exactly 1313 years, regardless of the actual current date), also giving humans language, the secret of Vlax, and the Alphebe Runes, among other things.
The Witches of Gryrnu are led by a High Priestess (only once by a High Priest) who acts as final judge for the Wiccan Trine, three individuals that all together form the Wiccan Seat in the Gryrnu Governmental Council. The Witches Of Gryrnu are given total dominion over matters of religion, horticulture, medicine, social tradition, and flight, among other things, by the Pact Of Myrmil. They are prohibited from any form of invention, major construction, sea travel, technological advancement or mining. The Gryrnu Witches have been called "The Keepers of The Past", and work had to maintain the world in an unchanging state. They are -currently covertly- engaged in an incredibly ancient ongoing political conflict with the Alchemist Faction, which prior to the Pact, resulted in the destruction of the entire Worldplate of Myrmil.
The symbol of the Witch Faction is the Trinary Pentacle, consisting of a circle within which is an upright regular triangle. The circle is said to represent the whole of creation, and also the bosom of the Goddess, while the triangle represents either the Prime Essence of the cosmos, or a Worldplate -thus symbolizing the gift of land and life. Wiccan Faction detail available.

Talcryllic. Vlax: "VLAX" 1. Vlaxifurm Mutans "VLAX-IH-FURM MYOO-TANZ"
A native crystalline replicator, Vlaxifurm Mutans, or 'Vlax' is one of the most remarkable and complex life forms within the Tryslmaistan universe. Vlaxifurm is sometimes called the "Great Bridge" and is believed by the Witch faction to be the greatest gift of the Goddess. The importance of Vlaxifurm cannot be overstated; no Green (plant) or Red (animal) life can exist for longer than a few days to a few weeks without regular dosages of a chemical (called 'Vlax') produced by the organism. Vlaxifurm Mutans appears in adult form as a roughly 1m high conical transparent, liquid-filled dome, covering a reddish, cone-shaped spire bristling with short spines. The active essence of Vlax is that same liquid that fills the clear dome, and it is colorless, with the viscosity of drool, smells faintly bitter-sweet, and numbs the tongue slightly. It dries to a crust, which can then be ground into a powder; this forms the Vlax powder found in stores. Without Vlax, all Red and green organisms gradually lose vitality in a fatal downward spiral called the 'Weakness'. Vlax has the ineluctable property of permitting the machinery of Red and Green life to make chemical use of the tratons (Tryslmaistans' equivalent of chemical elements: there are 1123 elements in the Tryslmaistan periodic table, all composed of polyhedral 'tratons') that make up the air, water, and substance of the Tryslmaistan universe.
Vlax is believed common to all Worldplates, and has perhaps the most complicated life cycle of any Tryslmaistan replicator. Vlaxifurm starts life as a 8cm long transparent worm-like creature, that has a flat, screwdriver like head and a tapering body. Once a year, by the hundreds, the immature Vlaxifurm crawl blindly from the body of their parent, to travel in all directions digging under the soil. Some of the Vlaxifurm spawn fall off the edge of the Worldplate, where they are believed to drift to other Worldplates. Some are eaten by various crystal creatures, but others find their way to the great central sea, where they grow and feed. The larval Vlaxifurm drift like segmented cylindrical lanterns until they reach the next stage, whereupon the segments uncurl into thousands of flat, ribbon-like creatures fully half a meter in length. These Vlaxifurm ribbons then writhe out of the sea, and wriggle across the land to reach the outer deserts. There they will dig themselves into the sand, and gradually transform over many years into adult, immobile, Vlaxifurm domes. During every stage of their mobile life, Vlaxifurm diggers, floaters and ribbons excrete large amounts of concentrated Vlax, which settles into the soil, or sinks to the floor of the sea. It is this migration that permits the Green forests and grasslands to flourish, however, this growth is limited by the availability of water, and the fact that mobile Vlax production diminishes drastically as the crawler reaches the deep desert. Dr. Alchemist cartoon about Vlax available 




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