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Talcryl-to-Decimal Converter

Use the Talcrylic glyph keypad to enter a Talcryl number into the left window.
Or, use the Arabic numeral keypad to enter a decimal number into the right window.
The Talcryl and decimal windows will always represent the same number.

Both keypads have a backspace (<-) and a clear (C) button.>
To see the pronunciation of a Talcrylic glyph, move the mouse pointer onto it.

This page looks and works best with Internet Explorer 5 or later and Netscape 6 or later.

What's a Talcryl number?



si = 4 to = 5 ek = 6
yu = 1 yi = 2 sa = 3
ni = 0 <- C
 7   8   9 
 4   5   6 
 1   2   3 
 0  <- C

Miscellaneous functions:


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