Alternate Universe Cartoon for: October 16th, 2001 C.E.

It's much better in the original psionic edition.

AERYX TRYSLMAISTAN D(4) H(ss/fb) S(p) E(l) 

Some of you might be curious about the Multiversal Catalog Listing given for the universe of Tryslmaistan. It actually means something, although it should be noted that this listing is derived and simplified from the popular or 'lite' catalog, as opposed to the professional level work, which cannot be translated to anything as limiting as text or language.

The entry is read in order: Multiverse, Universe, Dimensions, Hyperdimensional Geometry, Scale, Entropy Factor, Cosmological Structure.

The first part, Multiverse, is Aeryx , which includes all universes filled with fluidic matter, such as air or water, with suspended worlds. Other multiverse classes include Arcaynia
-which is the class containing universes built like the old earthly idea of a flat planet one could sail off the edge of,

-the class for universes that are infinite planes stretching forever, half earth, half air,

Krawlni -higher dimensional universes of complex and arcane forces, and of course,

Mundis -the class of universe that features discrete lumps set in a dark and mostly empty void...our own universe class. Many, many more than these exist, of course, from Void and Chaos class universes, to the curious
Whistlestop class cosmological eruptions.

The Universe is simply the name given to a specific universe. 'Tryslmaistan' in this case, and our universe name is a repeated 'Mundis'. We live in 'Mundis Mundis'. 

Next comes Dimensions, and it means just that...the number of physical dimensions of a given universe. The 'Flatland' of A. Square fame, would be 'Khex Flatland D(3)'. Two physical dimensions, and one last one reserved for time. Our own Mundis universe would be a D(11) universe, or more, if we include all of the sub-dimensions of quantum theory, but the Multiversal Catalogue is a popular we would be listed as D(4)... three physical dimensions of movement and one of time. Only the Professional Creator's Edition of the Multiversal Catalogue fusses with such extra details as collapsed dimensions for physical laws to reside within.

Hyperdimensional Geometry is where things start to get interesting. It is listed above as being H(ss/fb). What this translates out to is 'Hyperdimensional Geometry (steady-state / finite-bounded)'. This means that the Tryslmaistan universe had no 'big bang' or other distinct always as-was. On it's own, it never changes, and the universe as a whole does not evolve, expand, contract, or anything else of the sort. Finite-bounded means that the universe is a 'wraparound' universe....if you go far enough in any one direction, you would eventually come back to where you started. The whole universe is folded in higher dimensional space like some fantastic mobius strip.

Scale is pretty simple. In this case, Tryslmaistan is a Pocket class universe...S(p). Pocket universes are very small indeed. The entire Tryslmaistan universe, with all of its worlds, life, sun orbs, moon, orbs, Veils, Voids, and everything else could, if it could be represented as a three-dimensional 'thing' somehow, comfortably fit within our local group of stars here in the Mundis Universe. It's very tiny. The whole of the entire Tryslmaistan universe is barely a few light years across. Of course, light, space, time, and energy work differently there, and thus so does distance, so such a comparision is very, very rough, and just to provide some measure to convey the idea.  

Next comes Entropy Factor. The entropy factor is a measure of the degree of ergometric change, specifically the energy dynamics, of a universe. For the populist edition we are working with of the Multiversal Catalog, this is simply listed as 'low' (l). Tryslmaistan is a low entropy universe...with all that implies.

The last entry is very,very complex, being the Cosmological Structure. I shall simply decode it as given:
C{ } Cosmology the overall factors that define the universe. In the popular editions these factors are very gross and low-resolution.

w/ Weltschmertz in metacosmic terms, does not represent 'sentimental pessimism' but rather describes the level of materiality versus immateriality in a given universe. In this case, a 'low magic' universe, tilted towards materiality.

+ Posichronisional Temporal Forces the relative direction of time.

Lu Linovection, universe wide scale there is no gravity in Tryslmaistan, instead, a universal directional force serves a similar benefit.

PTp Planotrahesion, planetary scale one of the forces that cause the worlds of the Tryslmaistan universe to be plates, and not, say, cubes or spheres or something.

PVp Planovection, planetary scale another one of the forces that cause the worlds of the Tryslmaistan universe to be plates.

Ta Tetramorphesion, atomic scale defines the structure of the tratons, or equivalent atoms of the Tryslmaistan universe

MP( ) Multiversal Porosity defines the degree to which a universe can naturally connect to other universes, or, through higher dimensional spaces, itself. The variables given are:
1 Low paradimensional connectivity Tryslmaistan is not very easy to get into or out of.
m Matter fociated extraversal gates hyperspace gates are drawn to matter
t Temporally fociated extraversal gates hyperspace gates are bound to temporal factors
f Fractally dispersed extraversal gates hyperspace gates are distributed in a fractal pattern.



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