This area exists as a download spot for fans of Jennifer Diane Reitz
with regard to her level creation efforts for Unreal Tournament 2003.
All the maps here are the original creation of Jennifer Diane Reitz, but are free
for you to enjoy.

Now with my personal 5 point UNI Ratings
based on pulling numbers out
of my sphincter!

What is a 'Gimmick Map'?
A Gimmick map attempts to transcend the usual standards of map design
and takes risks to provide something truly unusual and even new using
the available editing tools. Gimmick maps may be wonderful, or they
may be simply, utterly, strange, but they will reward the
adventurous player.



Download Now:  616 kb Zipped File

Bombing Run Level

Based on the famous Bitmap Brothers game that originally appeared on the Amiga, then
ported to numerous systems, Speedball is the quintessential close quarters bloodsport.
Speedball condensed gameplay into a ruthlessly focused effort to accomplish only
one task: score goals. Speedball for Unreal Tournament 2003 features an accurately
reproduced replica of the original Speedball court from the very first
(and many consider the very best) version of the Bitmap Brothers game, and makes
use of multiple special physics gimmicks to reproduce the original,
over-the-top, frantic, arcade styled gameplay you remember.
The ball can be bounced, with force, off of court walls
 to score a goal, passed virtually the length of the court, and much more.
This is first-person Speedball, UT style!

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