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YEAR 2000 part 1       EPISODES 001 - 082
Contains story chapters concerning:

*   The Origin Of Uni
*   Visco City And Big Bufu
*   On The Run From Angry Jellies
*   Uni Meets Lupiko
*   The Crystal Basilisk Problem
*   Inventive Lupiko, Witch On Wheels
*   The Fall Of The Basilisk
*   The Origin Of Chou
*   Seeking A Remedy For Reverted Uni
*   Chou's Explanation Of Uni
*   The Impalists Rise And Fall
*   Redcloak And Fodderman
*   The Adoption Of Chou
*   The Great Shatterel Storm
*   The Vision In The Shatterel
*   Chou To The Rescue
*   The Illegality Of Invention

YEAR 2001 part 2       EPISODES 083 - 150
Contains story chapters concerning:

*   Young Lupiko
*   Moon Pond Academy Trouble
*   The Pact Of Myrmil
*   Lupiko Loses Her Mother
*   Aunt Muri
*   Clever Chou And The Hidden Safe
*   The Fate Of Kazemahou House
*   On The Run From Muri and Dr. Makineri
*   Outward to the Evercliffs
*   The Ancient Rune Cards
*   The Secret Of The Vlax
*   Falling Forever

YEAR 2001 part 3       EPISODES 151 - 204
Contains story chapters concerning:

*   Muri Kazemahou's Problem
*   Broken Chou
*   Lupiko Finally Understands Motherhood
*   The Clue In The Shatterel
*   The Secret Of Tea
*   The Terribly Frightening Plot To Rule The World (Witch Faction)
*   The Mysterious Savior
*   Who To Trust
*   Burning Flowers
*   Chou's Happy Days
*   The Children's Demolition Brigade
*   The Toymaker Who Plays With People
*   The Terribly Frightening Plot To Rule The World (Alchemist Faction)
*   Lupiko's Birthday Party

YEAR 2001 part 4       EPISODES 205 - 265
Contains story chapters concerning:

*   The Jelly That Dreamed Of Unicorns And Disasters
*   Mother And Daughter
*   The Tragic Miracle
*   The True Color Of Muri
*   KayWai At The Door
*   Chou Finally Explains About The Alpabe and The Talcryl
*   Too Selfish To Live
*   Dreams Versus Reality
*   The Caterers Of Calumny
*   The Very Worst Shatterel In History
*   Millian's Story
*  Jelly Prayers

YEAR 2001 part 5       EPISODES 266 - 334
Contains story chapters concerning:

*   The Meeting Of The Society Of Letters
*   The Most Important Casket In The Universe
*   The Night Party
*   The Waterfall Of Clouds
*   The Day The Pieces Fit
*   A Deconstruction Of Butterfly Dreams
*   One Day On Gryrnu
*   The First Windy Days In The World
*   When It Fell

YEAR 2002 part 6      EPISODES 335 - 414
Contains story chapters concerning:

*   The Savior Makineri
*   Missing The Boat
*   The Bright Goddess Of Pragmatism
*   Across The Sea
*   The Town That Wasn't There
*   A Problem With Getting Down
*   A Trap Called Vengeance
*   Neighbors At The Gates
*   The Impossibility Of Good And Evil
*   Take Lili
*   A Deal With The Devils
YEAR 2002 part 7      EPISODES 415 - 494
Contains story chapters concerning:

*   The True Horror Of Survival
*   No More Time 
*   The Fall Of Myrmil
*   I Love You Millian
*   The Terrible Veils
*   The Day They Found Gryrnu
*   Attack Of The Alien Invaders From Outer Space

YEAR 2002 part 8      EPISODES 495 - 600
Contains story chapters concerning:

*   The Christ Of Crystal
*   Boot To The Head
*   The Broken Chain
*   Waiting For Uni   

YEAR 2003 part 9      EPISODES 601 - 640 plus EPILOGUE
Contains story chapters concerning:

*   Finally, The Unicorn
*   Face To The Storm  


The Unicorn Jelly Saga is over; the Epilogue is over too. But we have years of panels that were never used: flubs, bloopers, on-set practical jokes and more, in the Unicorn Jelly OutTakes Reel! See the cast of Unicorn Jelly as you have never seen them before, flubbing their lines and missing their cues! These are the same OutTakes shown at Unicorn Jelly cast parties and season wraps! 


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