The Unicorn Jelly Saga is over; the Epilogue is over too. But we have years of panels that were never used: flubs, bloopers, on-set practical jokes and more, in the Unicorn Jelly OutTakes Reel! See the cast of Unicorn Jelly as you have never seen them before, flubbing their lines and missing their cues! These are the same OutTakes shown at Unicorn Jelly cast parties and season wraps!

OutTake 1

OutTake 2

OutTake 3

OutTake 4

OutTake 5

OutTake 6

OutTake 7

OutTake 8

OutTake 9

OutTake 10

OutTake 11

OutTake 12

OutTake 13

OutTake 14

OutTake 15

OutTake 16



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