Jennifer's Hit Comedy Works Sampler 2003 C.E.

Radio KYA 920 AM in Olympia


My Sandra runs a radio station in Olympia, 920 AM, comedy format. I, of course, help with this in various ways, thanks to the amazing tricks one can do with CoolEdit Pro.

Using this tool, it is possible to take the voice and lower it, or raise it in pitch, without changing the speed of the playback, modify the voice with filters and distortions and blending, and much more besides, allowing any person to sound like pretty much anything: a man, a woman, a robot, a cartoon, an animal, wind, thousands of people, a moose, a gun, whatever. I have been playing with that fact, and that tool, and came up with some little comedic bookends, little drop-ins to fill time where needed. They are entirely done by me, and by that, I do mean entirely done by me, the writing, every voice, every background sound, every sound effect, everything has been sculpted, affected, altered, or spoken by me. And processed to hell and back.

I hope you enjoy them. Without further ado, here they are.


What Is A Hit Comedy?  650 kb MP3 format

This is a song from the glory days of WCFL way back when, which was Sandi's favorite station growing up. The music is by her friend the incredible Chuck Blore, arguably the king of advertising and promotion (he has won more awards than any other human being for advertising...remember 'Let your fingers do the walking?' -that was Chuck's). I redid this song for Sandra, using the same style of little, silly, frail voice of the endearing original.


ACTION THEATRE  342 kb MP3 format

I am considering doing this schtick as a series of spots, each for a different action genre, and with a well known catchphrase. CoolEdit is astounding. Being transsexual doesn't hurt either, of course, in that every voice I ever was capable of is still available to me, albeit at a great strain on my vocal cords. Ouch. Thank heavens for the power to lower the pitch as described previously!


Nutty Squirrel  371 kb MP3 format

Yes, I know this sort of thing has been done to death. So what? I wanted to try my hand at cute but violent cartoon animals.


The End Is Near  1.05 meg MP3 format

I drew a cartoon, and that cartoon inspired this bit, a parody of disaster movies. This is my most ambitious effort of all thus far, and I hope you just love it to pieces.


Hit Comedy Station IDs  1.37 meg MP3 format

Twenty or so station identification bits, all done in different funny voices. I was trying to see how many different voices I could create in a short time. A station ID is required by law; at the top of the hour it is necessary to say the call letters, location, and frequency of the station. There is no requirement for how this should actually be done, so weird voices are fine and proper.




These are one minute long game reports used on both of Sandi's stations, Radio KYA in Ocean Shores and Hit Comedy. The background track is from the wonderful Sega CD Sonic The Hedgehog game "Sonic CD".


Ape Escape 2 for the PS21.65 meg MP3 format

GameCube GameBoy Player1.65 meg MP3 format

WarioWorld for GameCube  1.65 meg MP3 format

Magic PenGel for PS2  1.65 meg MP3 format

Rise Of Nations For PC  1.65 meg MP3 format

Unlimited Saga for PS2  1.65 meg MP3 format



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