KayWai-kun grew up as the only child of his mother, Hakimaglaabiko Pitueeh. Together, Haki-ko and her beloved son lived simply in a cottage on the outskirts of Visco City. Because of poor financial dealings, Haki-ko, as KayWai's mother was called, was forced to leave a mansion in an exclusive part of Visco long before KayWai-kun was even a pod.

KayWai was born a mutant, essentially because of his mother's taste in exotic plants. Near their cottage home, while KayWai was still but a spore pod on his mother's dorsal surface, Hakimaglaabiko found some curious Green Life plants growing in patches. These plants, Thaumos Deifica, had naturally spread outward from Human lands over many, many years, finally reaching the desert hills near Visco city. Haki-ko, transplanted the beautiful flowers all around her cottage.

Exposed to the constant pollen and chemistry of the Deifica flowers, Hakimaglaabiko underwent chemical changes which affected her unspawned child. When KayWai-kun finally popped free from his mother's pod, he was very different in appearance. Freakish, in fact, from a Jelly's point of view, and his mother simply could not bear the further insult of a deformed child, on top of losing all of her money and status.

As soon as KayWai-kun was capable of surviving marginally on his own, Hakimaglaabiko ran away, abandoning him. She did leave him her cottage, however, perhaps as a last act born from regret or shame. KayWai, broken-hearted, never saw her again.

As KayWai-kun grew up, he found himself drawn to Human culture, perhaps because he felt so rejected by his own kind, who in general found the conical mutant frightening. It may be that KayWai hoped to find in Human civilization the acceptance he could not get from his own people, and for a while worked as a bellhop, and later as a decorator's assistant, in the Human city of Gryanfryll Wabe.

Soon KayWai discovered a love of pretty things, and of being pretty himself, and took to appearing, and acting, as a female. This led to awareness of the night life of the Human city, and the various clubs and entertainments it afforded. It was in such places that KayWai found marginal friendship in the street culture of the city. Learning from the various male and female prostitutes a new concept unique to Humans, KayWai-kun returned to Visco City to attempt to finally find acceptance in the roll of Visco's first, and only, transvestic male prostitute.

When the terrible and corrupt Jelly boss Bufu was destroyed, along with most of the city, by a handsome, mysterious, and highly mutated Jelly Uni-kun, KayWay-kun knew he was in love. Hiding the heroic Jelly from angry citizens, KayWai-kun managed to sneak them both to his flower covered cottage outside of town.

There, in the quiet and charming surroundings, KayWai-kun tenderly seduced his newfound boyfriend, and thus began an enduring relationship unique to the Tryslmaistan universe.



KayWai-kun is a gentle, feminine young Jelly-Boy who has a penchant for appearing and acting as a female. He is very bright, gregarious, and sometimes quite pushy, but in an instant can become quiet and submissive. Nurturing by nature, KayWai-kun always tries to bring happiness, but is not above just a little trickery to get what he wants.

Favorite things include a favorite pink ribbon that KayWai bought in a Human store, a rather frilly and soft Human-made bed, and of course, Uni-kun. KayWai loves Uni-kun utterly, and would do anything to keep and hold him.

KayWai's goal in life is to be with Uni-kun forever...and to always have pretty things to wear.   



Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Occupation: Prostitute
Alignment: Neutral Good

Height 4' 1", Diameter 1' 6" (variable). Weight 65 lbs. Black optic strips. Slightly translucent teal (Bluish-green) in color. Soft, dry, and cool to touch. Able to extrude pseudopods to act as simple hands or feet as required by circumstance, however, it is uncomfortable to keep these extended for extremely long periods of time.

STR STRENGTH          14      (+2)
DEX DEXTERITY         14      (+2)
CON CONSTITUTION   12      (+1)
INT INTELLIGENCE      16      (+3)
WIS WISDOM           15      (+3)
CHA CHARISMA          18      (+4)

FORTITUDE         4
REFLEX                 5
WILL                     4

AC  12
SPEED 30' (6)

KINSEY           6 Homosexual
RELIGION         Vaguely Wiccan. Not overly concerned, but picked up a bit from living
                             with the Humans for so long.


Charm 2
Compassion 2


Erotic Dancing 3
Gardening 2
Cooking 4
Darkvision 90'




Charm Person


Acid Touch  KayWai-kun can express corrosive Jelly Acids on an extended pseudopod. Does 1D8+2 corrosion damage to most materials and all organic materials.


1894 Til in the Bank Of Visco
603 Til in the Bank of Gyranfryll Wabe
325 Til at home


KayWai-kun has a Prime Universe self that differs from the Alternate Universe KayWai-kun. Check out PRIME UNIVERSE KAYWAI


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