KayWai began life inside a spore pod located on the middle dorsal region of the body of Hakimaglaabiko Pitueeh. Haki-ko, as she was called, carried 13  such spore-pods, each already named, and number 13, KayWai, was her very favorite. This was because Haki-ko could feel the pod containing the developing KayWai jiggle whenever she laughed. The Pitueeh clan mother lived happily in the wealthy Spyoo-Temn district of Visco City, the last surviving city of the sapient Jellies of Gryrnu.

When a local crime boss, the incalculably corrupt Bufu, a gargantuan Jelly who had been poisoned by anger and hatred for the Human invaders who had nearly wiped out his people, invaded the wealthy Spyoo-Temn district, Hakimaglaabiko refused to pay extortion fees. This act, led to tragedy.

Bufu used acidic ooze to murder any Jelly that failed to obey, and such ooze sprayed upon 12 of Hakimaglaabiko's spore-pods when she attempted to defend her Jelly home, as well as all the Slime servants in Pitueeh Mansion. As the Mansion was being dissolved into nothing by an enraged Bufu, a mortally wounded Haki-ko barely escaped, dragging herself to the foothills outside Visco, to a small cottage she owned as a vacation retreat.

Outside the city, Haki-ko knew that as long as Bufu reigned, it would not be safe to even set a single pseudopod inside the great city again. This was a problem, because the cottage afforded only shelter, and food was an issue. Even though she knew she was dying, Haki-ko determined to save the life of her last remaining Spore-pod.

Some years previously, Humans from a secret society hidden within the Wiccan Faction had begun a diabolical plot to take over the Worldplate. These Humans had seeded the hills outside of Visco City with the psychoactive flower 'Thaumos Deifica', an illegally cultivated, Vlax-mutated form of the Dandelion plant. This flower had spread to encompass the land around the Pitueeh vacation cottage, and in starving desperation, Haki-ko fed upon it.

The alien chemistry of the Deifica plant would not normally have supported Jelly life, but because of the regular Vlax spraying done monthly by the Wiccan traitors, changes in both the plant, and in Hakimaglaabiko somehow kept her alive. Changed most of all was her slowly forming child, number 13, KayWai.

KayWai burst out in a spray of fetal fluid on Tetrebruary 33, one day after Ichormas. Although the young Jelly was clearly a mutant, conical and teal in color, Haki-ko loved her offspring desperately.

KayWai attended the dying Haki-ko, until she finally deflated on a somber day in Hexober. Buried beneath the sand, KayWai, who was very good at dancing and Jelly ritual, performed services for a very devoted mother.

Soon after, the dreams began. Strange, often prophetic dreams plagued the young KayWai, as well as a terrible loneliness. KayWai, unaware of the full extent of the danger, tried to find friends on shopping trips to Visco City, but every meeting was filled with scorn and derision. KayWay was very sad.

One day, a Human trade caravan approached Visco City. fleeing some rather angry caravan 'Johns' she had clubbed and 'rolled' for their Til, a young human prostitute by the name of Muri Kazemahou stumbled upon the Pitueeh cottage where KayWai lived. KayWai returned to find the injured girl laying on the floor of the cottage, and proceeded to nurse the young Human girl back to full health. Over time, a bond grew between the two, and KayWai found in Muri the first friend the young Jelly had ever known.

The joy of finally having a friend was overwhelming, and so KayWai came to idolize Muri and everything about her. Because of the great cultural and biological differences between them, KayWai often misunderstood key elements of their conversations, but it mattered not at all to the happy Jelly, loneliness was a thing of the past.

Eventually, Muri desired to leave, to return to Human lands. As a token of friendship, Muri gave the little Jelly her bright pink ribbon bow to wear. Muri had no way to know that the sensitive and nurturing KayWai was the Jelly equivalent of a boy.

KayWai, tearful at the loss of Muri, resolved to emulate her in every respect. Muri had not only shown KayWai kindness, she had given KayWai an ideal to live up to, and an occupation as well.

KayWai, unable to accurately fathom the meaning of the term, decided to become a prostitute too.

In KayWai's understanding, being a prostitute was something akin to being a saint...caring for the needs of others, loving anyone and everyone, without discrimination or personal opinion, generally spreading unconditional love to the world. KayWai was not sure how to actually implement this sacred path, but surely such a noble thing would resolve itself.

KayWai, in gender moiety, was effectively female, despite having a biologically male Jelly 'sex'. This was partly the result of the Deifica mutation, and partly the result of the influence of Muri. Thus it was that KayWai donned the ribbon as an outward sign of Human style femininity, and came to the belief that if only enough loving acts could be performed, the Sand Spirits would transform the mutant Jelly into a real girl.

Guided by prophetic dreams, informed by barely understood Human culture, and determined to be a loving little girl on a saintly mission, KayWai is perhaps the second most unusual Jelly in the entire Tryslmaistan cosmos.



KayWai is a gentle, compassionate, and deeply lonely individual. Idealistic and innocent, KayWai always strives to do the right thing, to spread love and understanding, and to forgive others, as best as is possible. Although technically a boy, KayWai sees herself as female, and certainly possesses many innate gender identity components that are much more female than male. However, KayWai is also lacking in social skills, having been so alone for so many years, and thus many people unconsciously consider the Jelly to be a young lad. Whatever sex and gender situation KayWai may be in, one thing is for certain...KayWai is a decent, loyal and caring entity.

KayWai, because of the fact of being a mutant who possesses a biology that is a mix between Earthly Organics and Tryslmaistan Crystalloid systems, must take Vlax to survive, though in lower doses than fully Terran life requires. KayWai must also feed on earthly foods as well as native crystal substances. Some of KayWai' favorite foods include Green Tea, Dandelion salads, Plum desserts and anything with honey in it.

Favorite things include Muri's pink ribbon (easily KayWai's greatest treasure in the world), and of course, Uni. KayWai loves Uni hopelessly, an attachment born from dreams of a fantasy world where the two are lovers in a way that KayWai cannot hope to comprehend, other than it is the most beautiful thing imaginable.

KayWai's goal in life is to be so very good, kind and lovable that the Sand Spirits will take pity and change the Jelly into a real little girl. That and to marry Uni, of course.   



Sex: Male
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Occupation: Prostitute (in KayWai's mind, this really means 'SAINT')
Alignment: Lawful Good

Height 4' 1", Diameter 1' 6" (variable). Weight 65 lbs. Black optic strips. Slightly translucent teal (Bluish-green) in color. Soft, dry, and cool to touch. Able to extrude pseudopods to act as simple hands or feet as required by circumstance, however, it is uncomfortable to keep these extended for extremely long periods of time.

STR STRENGTH          8        (-1)
DEX DEXTERITY         8        (-1)
CON CONSTITUTION   14      (+2)
INT INTELLIGENCE      13      (+2)
WIS WISDOM           6        (-2)
CHA CHARISMA          17      (+4)

FORTITUDE         4
REFLEX                 5
WILL                     4

AC  12
SPEED 30' (6)

KINSEY           2 (Because KayWai's gender identity is female) Heterosexual
RELIGION        Animagranulism: The Jelly religion of the Sand Spirits that live in the
                            crystalline sand, and keep the souls of the dead within the mystical
                            sand heaven called 'Sabulous Psammous'.


Charm 2
Empathy 4
Compassion 4


Sand Dancing 4
Jelly Religious Lore 3
Gardening 4
Cooking 2
Darkvision 90'


Jellese (the native Jelly language)




None (Weapons would not be kindly)


64 Til hidden under the floor of the Pitueeh Vacation Cottage


KayWai has an Alternate Universe self that differs from the Prime Universe KayWai. Check out ALTERNATE UNIVERSE KAYWAI-KUN


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