Original Warcraft 3 Maps

Warcraft 3, by those wonderful folks at BLIZZARD, is just
simply a wonderful and amazing game. Warcraft 3 also has
an amazing editor, for making your own original adventures,
multiplayer maps, and more. These are my creations with
The Warcraft 3 editor.

These maps are Gimmick maps. A gimmick map is a map that is not necessarily designed for intense competitive play. These are not ladder maps. These are not perfectly balanced killing fields. These are maps that are designed to make you play a whole new way. That is the point. Something new. Gimmick maps push the limits of what Warcraft 3 is, and can do.
Adventure in them.


THE WORST COMIC IN AZEROTH Click Minimap Image To Download This Map

SHORT FILM MAP  Number Of Players: 1  Size: Tiny  Tileset: Lordaeron Summer
GIMMICK: This is a humorous cinematic sequence created with the Warcraft 3 editor which details the performance of the first, and last, High Elven Stand-Up Comic!

Featuring complex camera work and animations, this short film map demontrates the incredible story-telling power of the Warcraft 3 editor and game engine. Longo Legolas is your guide to understanding why the Elves are not known for their humor....


THE LOST WORLD Click Minimap Image To Download This Map

MULTIPLAYER MAP  Number Of Players: 2 (1V1)  Size: Tiny  Tileset: Barrens
GIMMICK: Players must choose between quick raiding or laboriously digging out the supreme power hidden on the center island.

Inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this map depicts a lost world of dinosaurs and lizard men and powerful ancient wonders secluded for eons on the top of a cloud-shrouded three mile high plateau. The map provides a quick, high powered skirmish against a human or computer opponent, however only human players will likely take full advantage of the mysterious island in the center, for within the volcanic lake, the island is home to the wonders of ancient, forgotten powers.


SPIRES OF ZEPHYRIA Click Minimap Image To Download This Map

MULTIPLAYER MAP  Number Of Players: 5 (5V5)  Size: Huge  Tileset: Lordaeron Summer
GIMMICK: The map simulates the effect of ocean combat by forcing players to engage in air battles over tortured terrain. Additionally a fourth resource has been added: land. Land is precious on this map and every square inch of it matters.

The impassable terraced spires of Zephyria present a supreme challenge to those that would aspire to dwell there. Rugged and harsh, the jagged and dangerous spikes of rock and bottomless chasms yield surprising treasures. This is a land ruled by air power, and the Goblin Zeppelin is the most fundamental tool for survival in this scarred land.



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