Unicorn Jelly Stereoptigram for: February 19th 2003 C.E.

Unicorn Jelly Stereoptigraphic Image

This set of panels forms a steroptigram.
The two images can be used to create a three-dimensional

One simple way to see this effect is to stare at the
image and cross your eyes. Your eyes must converge, which is to
say, both point at your nose and cross, rather than diverge, or point
away from each other for the effect to properly work.

One useful trick to stablize the image, is to focus on only
one bright point, such as the gleam in one of Chou's eyes
until the two images overlap and 'lock' together.

Once this occurs, you can gradually begin to move your gaze around
the picture and enjoy the dimentionality of the image.

With just a little practice, you can train your eyes to
remain crossed, and still scan the image normally.

If the image becomes unbound to your perception again,
repeat the original process using a single point
until focus is regained.

In the 1800's such images, eventually photographs in
pairs, were very popular. A special lensed device was
used to make them easy to study.

The Sawyer corporation made a toy of this principle
 in the 50's called a 'View-Master'. You may have played
with one in your childhood.


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