An Introduction To The Physics Of Tryslmaistan

The universe of Tryslmaistan is a fractal cosmos with some very different physical laws. For one thing, the fractal effects are mirrored on the micro scale, and the universe does not have 'atoms' as we know them, but rather 'tratons', which are regular tetrahedronal wave forms built of intersecting planes of force. On the macro scale, Tryslmaistan features the 'Planovective Force' which forces all the world plates to be in regularly spaced layers, and 'Trinal Paravection' which is responsible for the world plates being triangular in shape. Trinal Paravection affects Tryslmaistan reality at three distinct and separate scales of focus, the high macro, which is the level of worlds, the micro scale, which makes the crystals in all the rocks based on tetrahedronal shapes (there are no cubic crystals in Tryslmaistan, even the equivalent of salt is tetrahedronal!) and the nano scale, hence the aforementioned tratons. In between these three distinct scales, the Trinal Paravection has little to zero effect.

Each world plate is roughly 300 kilometers on a side. All are almost identical in size and structure, so Gryrnu is just like any other world plate. Weather is limited to rain, and Shatterel, and such phenomena as snow, ice, strong winds, and extremes of heat or cold simply cannot exist. Three time a year Shatterel accumulates. Shatterel occurs when the above mentioned forces create a weather unique to the Tryslmaistan universe. light atmospheric molecules of the Tryslmaistan elemental gasses 'tranium' and 'parbon' bond into regular planes, forming incredibly thin, paper like 'walls' that can cover entire landscapes. The planes of gas harden into solid crystal walls, which are not unlike thin glass in many ways. All the walls intersect each other in a tetrahedronal pattern, as you might expect. They are very easily shattered, and dissolve into vapor as they fall to pieces. However, in corners, or in confined spaces open to the outside, they can also become quite dense, and almost like a honeycomb. This can be a hazard, and can even sometimes kill the very young or the very elderly, if they are asleep, very still, and do not notice the 'weather'. It is about the same risk as a serious snowstorm, only it isn't cold, and is a suffocation threat, or, in very, very rare circumstances, (think the rarity of a blizzard) a crushing or slicing threat. Thus, the safest place to be is actually outdoors during Shatterel.

The Gryrnu calender is 13 'months' to a 'year', and it is measured by counting days and Shatterels, which are the closest thing to a season Gryrnu has.

In Tryslmaistan, gravity operates on a different principle than in our universe. The cosmos is striated, and these dimensional lines in the crystalline structure of Tryslmaistan space-time force gravity into a single direction, to which mass -on the planetary scale or above- is irrelevant. This effectively means that there is an absolute up, and an absolute down, and no such thing as zero gravity. One can literally fall forever. There is no vacuum. Air fills the universe from forever to forever. However, a secondary force operates on the macro scale, and it only begins to become inescapable to objects that are 100 kilometers and above. This force is the dominating 'Reticutriational Force'. Essentially, it freezes all massive universe structures -such as world plates- into a lattice, and is so powerful on the macro scale that it easily overcomes the 'striation gravity' unique to Tryslmaistan.  Just as in our own universe, cosmic forces operate on different scales, in counterintuitive ways. Where we have the Strong and the Weak nuclear Forces that only operate on the subatomic scale, gravity on the macro scale, and quantum effects at the smallest scale, Tryslmaistan has Reticutriation, Trinal Paravection, Planovection, and so forth.

None of this is magical in any degree, it is just the way the unique physical laws of Tryslmaistan operate. And as for magic in the Tryslmaistan universe, well, it too is unique, in that it also operates under a different set of laws than most humanoid-inhabited universes. Interestingly, most of what is called 'magick' on Gryrnu, such as the flying of brooms (actually ANY thin long object could be used, brooms are just a tradition) is actually making use of the existence of forces such as Reticutriation... there are 'quantum like' echoes of that grand, world-plate supporting Force, that can be exploited by those in the know, and on Gryrnu, that would be the Witches.

What about the other world plates?...yes, there have been migrations, and Gryrnu is not the only inhabited plate, not by a long shot. It was colonized about 300 years ago in relation to the time of Unicorn Jelly, from another world plate called 'Myrmil'. Underneath, a world plate is just rock and crystal, and home only to a few species of balloon-like life forms called 'Malnans' that spend all of their lives crawling about like huge insects on the underside, eating upside-down 'sprigal fern' and 'quellu fungus'.

The day and night 'Orbs' (Sun and Moon for Gryrnu) rotate around each world plate not in ellipses, but in -very- rounded, curving triangle orbits. They are quite solid, exceedingly hard in fact, about 20 kilometers in diameter, and one is very, very bright, and the other is very, very dim. The uniform matter which are made of generates light as it encounters 'resonant friction' as the bodies orbit through the Forces I have described so far. This 'Friction' energy is converted into the equivalent of light in the Tryslmaistan universe. There is very little of the elemental matter of such Orb bodies in the structure of world plates, so it is very rare on Gryrnu itself. The bright kind is called 'solarine', and the dim kind is called 'noctrium'. It is terribly, terribly poisonous, but not 'radioactive' in the way we understand the word.  

Is there in fact ANY 'real' magick at all in Tryslmaistan? in a way... the Big Question in Unicorn Jelly, and ultimately, the point of the strip...


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