Unicorn Jelly Ultra High Quality Paper Models for: February 25th 2003 C.E.

Unicorn Jelly
Ultra High Quality
Paper Models

Now you can enjoy reasonably incredible paper model kits of favorite Unicorn Jelly characters! These paper model kits are designed to be downloaded, printed out on your home printer, and then assembled.


To assemble these models, you will require a (hopefully color!) printer hooked up to your computer, an X-acto or other brand of razor-blade knife to cut the complex models from their sheets, and an adhesive, preferably some form of glue-stick. Tape can work, in a pinch, but the results are not quite as desirable. Some skill, and ability to interpret three-dimensional shapes is needed to complete the models.


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Contains Paper Model sheets for Lupiko Kazemahou (two costumes), Chou Kazemahou, KayWai, and Uni.



There are some helpful methodologies for constructing the models which you can use.

1. Cut out all parts first, as carefully as possible.

2. Pre-Bend and work every needed fold before beginning actual construction.

3. Construct arms and ears and other separate parts first.

4. Attach said arm, ear, and such parts next, before shaping the body and head forms.

5. Affix the tabs that hold the main body and head, working from the top down. The base should be the last part to be glued into place.

6. After a test print run on ordinary paper to assure color correctness, the very best results come from quality, heavy-stock photo paper.

7. Use the miniature images of the finished model to guide your construction: be cognizant of the way small part are placed, parts cut partly free and bent into shape, and so forth.

8. Remain aware that the cubic nature of the models means that you are making boxes, and use this understanding to interpret how to use the grey attatchment points.


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