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This is Nimi Two-Three.

Nimi Two-Three is a Miraian, and Jhe lives in a pretty little green-glass bubble-house near the Yellow Sea of Joilan.

Nimi always wears zher favorite dress-suit that has her name embroidered on it. Nimi likes her name, because it is very easy to write. Nimi likes to write her name on things!

Nimi loves to play by the wide, bright-yellow sea by her home, and make footprints in the orange-red sands. She sometimes sings to the crimson Waveskippers, as the living red disks hover and fly free in the pale yellow sky of Mirai.

Nimi's favorite food is Triangle-Cakes, and zher favorite color is heliotrope.

Nimi loves toys and games too.

Nimi's least favorite thing is washing her glass house! This is why Nimi likes the rain so much, because the rain will wash her house for her!

The Miraians are distantly related to the Moifu of Gwyroon.



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