These are the links to the online comics I personally read every time they are updated.Not all of them are for every taste, but all of them are to MY taste. I list them by whim, divided into two types: STABLE ORBIT and ECCENTRIC ORBIT.

A symbol means that the comic is one that I actually do read at least once per week, and usually once per day. Everything else I just visit on occasion. Uni approved comics are guaranteed spankalicious!

STABLE comics are probably safe (more or less) for you AND your grandmother. That is, providing your grandmother is like the character of 'Maude' from 'Harold and Maude'.

ECCENTRIC comics are not even safe for YOU.

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Absolutely the finest anthropomorphic comic on the net. This is the first comic I read, every day. It is furry, and it is brilliant, and it is worth anyone's time.


This is possibly the second best Furry strip on the internet. May someday be the absolute best. Lovable characters, brilliant art style, and a touch of political edge at times. Can be uneven, might be better if it stayed inside it's own universe, but otherwise very, very nice. Like a furry 'Peanuts' in some ways! There are strips in Ozy and Millie that have made me ponder or emote all day long. Lovely.


A fairly unethical alien, a fairly innocent robot, and a broken down sentient starship, end up by chance with an overly loyal anthropomorphic canine engineer.  Interesting hijinks ensue.

Okashina Okashi- Strange Candy

Clever manga about what would happen if there really was an alternate universe where anime was real, and it was possible to actually get there. Otaku hijinks ensue!


The followup to Dave Kelly's Greytown, Lizard concerns itself with the life of one of the most popular Greytown characters, the eponymous Lizard himself. Lizard is a gentle, kindly, loving anthropomorph with a loving wife and a sweet baby. The comic is marked by tender sentiment and some degree of heartfelt pathos as well. Domestic hijinks ensue!

Venus Envy

Lighthearted but very real comic about the life of a high-school age transsexual dealing with the daily crap of ....being. More than a few instantly familiar gags for those in the know, Venus Envy manages to be fun and aware at the same time. High school gender hijinks ensue.


The graphics from the NES and SNES Final Fantasy games turned into a comic parody of console RPG's and tabletop RPG's as well. 8-Bit Theatre does perhaps the very best job of this common online theme of any sprite-based comic. Chocked with memorable lines and rare wit for the genre. Role Playing hijinks ensue.


Excellent art style graces this occasionally uneven gag strip about the life of the employees of a computer games magazine. Best of all, the artist has a refined grasp of games both computer and tabletop, as well.

Boy Meets Boy

Remarkably heartfelt strip about the lives and relationships of a charming couple. Toss in some fairly unusual friends, including a demon, and even stranger, a drummer, and  light romantic comedy hijinks ensue.


An unusual hyper pixelated art style graces this promising strip about a love affair between a world weary ex-porn star and a self-aware automaton. Robot hyjinks ensue.

Adam And Andy

A fascinatingly smooth ink line style defines this suburban daily-life story about two gay men in a long term relationship. Gentle hyjinks with a touch of spice, ensue.


Meet Carrie, a young transsexual who is just starting out on the path to living full time as female, and who can be said to be pretty much hiding in the closet, save for the fact that in Carrie's life, the world is a giant closet, and everyone has more than a little to hide.  Gorto The Unfathomable styled hijinks ensue.


Elf Life follows the return, in the closing years of the elven world, of the greatest hero of their world. Strangely touching fantasy hijinks ensue.


Carol Lay is one of my favorite cartoonists currently alive. Her 'Story Minute' can do more in one page than most comic artists do in a lifetime. It can be a bit uneven, to be honest, but when Carol is 'on' she is astounding: She is a goddess of cartooning. Beyond brilliant.  New 'Story Minutes' on Tuesdays. It should be noted that, which hosts Carol, is an annoying site with too many ads, however.


Socio-Political satire with a unique and fascinating artistic style, THIS MODERN WORLD is often a very astute observation of current events. While I consider politics itself to be a juvenile game indulged in by mindless shills, I adore political satire. After all, the development of modern cartoons in part came from the efforts of political satirists! Socio-political satire ensues.

A Wish For Wings

The story of a young girl who believes herself to be an angel, a state of being that is not without its perils and serious problems, one of the greatest of which is that to understand Good, one must also understand Evil. Heavenly...and some demonic...hijinks ensue.


An exquisitely simple, supremely iconic stick-figure brilliance infuses this most sublime and ineffable comic strip. Strangley wise, touching, and surreal, every one of the single-image works are based on single sentences submitted by the readers. Very recommended.

Tei & Riki

Bishonen-Ai done with flair, real heart, and a brilliant sense of real human feeling. Touching, and also a bit melancholy, as it is a tale of -thus far- unrequited, even impossible, love. 'Bishonen-Ai' is a genre of Japanese manga that revolves around a love story between two boys, usually marketed to young girls. The focus is on innocent homosexual romance. Tei and Riki makes me laugh and cry, and I only can dream of being as good an artist as the creator of this work. Simply endearing, but very slow to be produced.

Lean On Me

A poignant and romantic tale of a transgendered girl and the woman who loves her. Emotional hijinks ensue! UPDATE: Lean On Me has concluded, but the archive remains available.


A gentle heartfelt story with intensly lovable characters mark this clever fairy tale. Happy hijinks ensue. Innocent, sweet, and chock-full of gentle goodness.


Not actually an online comic, this is an online cartoon show. Queer Duck, shown also on Showtime cable, is a simply wonderful animated program you can see online in your browser. It is clever, has a marvelous theme song, voice acting from many of the cast of Tiny Toons and Animaniacs, and is overall decidedly worth your time. Do check it out! Highly reccomended Queer hijinks ensue.


Spellshocked tells the tale of various sapient creatures, the majority of them anthropomorphic animals, attending an academy for the study of magic. Featuring beautiful art in full color, Spellshocked packs some memorable characters in an interesting world. The strip is updated only twice a month, but this is understandable considering the obvous work that goes into it. Alternately warm and dramatic, Spellshocked is a rare find. Magical anthropomorphic hijinks ensue.


An absolutely adorable, very silly comic about a bunch of geometric 'Sanrio on Crack' Bunnies existing in some infernal pan-hyperspatial dimension. Bizarre hijinks ensue. UPDATE: Bunnism has concluded, but Wing continues to create various Bunni-related works.


A stunning 'Dragonball Z'-like art style graces this science fiction tale of alien racism and friendship within a grade school set on a distant capital world. Both artistically beautiful and compelling.

The Masked Acolyte

It has been said that superheroes are a dead genre, mined out, with nothing more to offer except beating the rotting horse of adolescent power fixation. The Masked Acolyte teaches this notion with a remarkably sharp sense of What Is Wrong. That and a few scattered pop cultural references, the worst  zen koans this side of a Tibetan asylum for the insane, and Peanuts In Space make this comic interesting. Goofy hijinks ensue.


Impressively precise line work gives a unique look to this ongoing story of the eccentric owners and employees of a computer-based design studio. UPDATE: I have not a clue what is going on with this comic, folks. It seems the artist is a little out of it.





Explore the wonders of the Psycopathia Sexualis by Kraft-Ebbing mixed with the 120 days of Sodom by the Marquis de Sade as seen through the button eyes of a Furry-anthropomorphic universe of living stuffed animals! This is a comic whose main characters are a sentient, disembodied, hollow stuffie-animal head, a living, inflatable latex love doll, and a rather rag-eared and intensly perverse living stuffie rabbit bondage and discipline master! As though this were not by itself enough, the author Dragonfly has also managed to make the work utterly brilliant as well. Psychosexual, pathological hijinks ensue!


Possibly the most perfectly drawn very mildly obscene, wonderfully blasphemous, twisted little mangastrip on the internet. This bad-boy work of genius stuns me. Take some Calvin and Hobbes, some Peanuts, some Mutts, some Catholicism, add in two gallons of porn flicks and adolescent frustration, toss in a quart of chewy existentialism, and flavor it with Gangsta-style Ig'nant speech patterns, then simmer in Hell for eternity. Yummy! I only can dream of drawing this perfectly.


Wendy is a little comic about absolutely nothing. Well, almost absolutely nothing.... there is the matter of three oversexed, rather exceedingly silly, occasionally lesbian, anime-styled women who do silly things and never accomplish much of note other than be objectified. Somehow, the whole effect is strangely endearing in a "what the frell is this crap....hey that's kind of cute in a sick sort of way" sort of way. I have no explanation. It's kind of cute in a sick sort of way. Goofy, highly exploitative, semi-lesbian hijinks ensue. UPDATE: Wendy has ended, but the archive is available.
UPDATE 2: Wendy 2 has's back again.


The most common description is '"The Far Side" on LSD'. Not sufficient. This is '"The Far Side" as drawn by Charles Manson on Peyote, assisted by the ghost of Salvadore Dali'. Severely sick, terminally twisted, wonderful stuff.


Greytown is essentially Purgatory, settled by migrating cats, ruled over by the reasonably Evil Devil Phil, and filled with an assortment of seriously malfunctional human and nonhuman living garbage. That, and one incredibly pure Bode-style Lizard. It's a big pie filled with twisted sex, violence, and tomfoolery. Semi-demonic hijinks ensue. The most recent strips, however, have become a masterwork of sheer brilliance and incredible emotional power. Not to be missed. Truly astounding! Update: Greytown has just ended, however, but the archive is still available.


UPDATE: This comic is back online again!

The 'H' is for 'hentai ' -the Japanese word for perverted- and let me tell you, this comic IS just that. This is the raunchiest, filthiest, most utterly obscene, blasphemous, prurient, adolescent, offensive, disturbing, unholy, twisted, sick, piece of manga-styled work that you will ever see in your entire lifespan. It is also bust-a-gut, laugh-out-loud, have-a-stroke-and-die funny. If you are under 18 do not even think of visiting here, and if you are at all normal, even if you are an adult, then for the love of god stay away. On the other hand, if you can love the vile as well as the innocent, if you are actually mature, then this is just about the funniest thing a pervert could read. It is ULTRA MEGA GIGA SICK. I love it. I want to have its baby.


Dark elves doing Dark things in a Dark world for Dark reasons. The artist uses a mixture of pen and watercolor washes to good effect, a rarety in online comics. Gothic elvish hijinks ensue.



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