Here are the OFFICIAL spanky-smart UNICORN JELLY link buttons!

Full-On Katakana version lets you link with a Nihongo accent as if to say
"Yunikoon Zerii" to the heart of the world! It's Brain Ultra Fanky Idol Fun!

Early Design, now with hypnotic Radio-Atomic animation...

If this is too large for you, then you can use the small version...but it is not nearly as whippy-smooth....

Now we come to some mini-banner style link buttons, just perfect for that Nippon-Style "Link Free" button array!

And of course, the Big Panda style "Buddy" icon is provided, with that tasty 64 X 64 pixel flavor!

This look also available in Super-Mini size, the traditional Japanese link banner icon! Sugoi!

Now with animated 'blinking' by Val Barlow (aka Xiombarg)! Huzzah!

Reader Laura Prickett created this AOL-IM sized buddy icon for folks who have serious AOL-IM sized buddy icon type needs.

If you do not like ANY of these Supa-Cool Ultra Link Hyper Buttons, then, well,
Poo on you. There, I've said it. Poo. On you. Just use some dumb text. See if I care.
Just please, for the love of Goddess, LINK to me. I don't care how. Just DO it. If you don't, I'll pout. I will.

But...if what you crave is MORE MORE MORE! then here is the Official Spanky-Fantastic, Ultra-Neo Giga Banner!!! Wai Wai!!!!!

This features the penultimate in advanced computer animation splendiferousness, woo, this banner is a REAL tough customer, it doesn't take "For the love of god, NOOOOOO" for an answer, it rolls its ears in it and it likes it, it cares nothing for penal reform, and even the baggage retrieval problems at Heathrow bother it not one whit. This banner could kill your dog and make you yearn for a second dog to offer to it. In short, it pins the boot on the donkey!

Click the Uni symbol above to download
the official Unicorn Jelly "Uni-ism"
Religious Icon for use in Lionhead's famous game
Black & White

Place the downloaded bitmap into your Black & White/Profiles/ your player name
Directory, and simply select it inside the game!




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