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Unicorn Jelly is a philosophical science fiction manga strip which tells a metaphoric and purposeful story with a definitive beginning and ending. The primary focus of Unicorn Jelly is to explore the conflict between rationalism and mysticism, as well as the relativism of moralistic values.



Unicorn Jelly starts with a wretched little Slime monster that, through either accident or design, is motivated to become an Ideal, and that Ideal is to change into a Holy Creature, a Unicorn. The story centers around this creature, and the people who become involved with it, and about the meaning of Ideals, and the curious and sometimes conflicting mental tools of Rationalism and Mysticism.

My decision to run my own online internet cartoon strip was of course inspired by my enjoyment of the many brilliant existing works already out there. I constantly sketch and cartoon as it is, and some of the images in UNICORN JELLY originated upon napkins, table cloths, and the little sketch book I always carry...doodles while I wait for dinner in a restaurant. I never scan images in to create Unicron Jelly, however. All of the art is actually drawn directly on the computer, using the mouse. I do attempt to match the style of the Japanese brush pens that are my favorite tool for my doodles and sketches on paper. I love anime and manga with a passion.

The character of Uni has been with me a long time, and is my personal mascot symbol. Uni is a representation of my soul. The little witch Lupiko is my humanity. Chou is my intellect and reason. Basically, everything in the strip is some sort of projection of some cross-section of my own experience and life. The Unicorn was my personal emblem long before the creature became fashionable, then unfashionable. I care nothing for social fads. I love what I love, forever.

Unicorn Jelly, despite the fantasy trappings, actually takes place inside a hardcore science fiction, alien universe called Tryslmaistan. Tryslmaistan has unique physics, and the story in Unicorn Jelly is constructed with a definite beginning, and end to it. Every event in the story is important, and has meaning, even if it may not seem so initially. All will be found to make sense by the conclusion. Therefore, Unicorn Jelly is open to speculation, and deduction, as can be done to a mystery novel.

Unicorn Jelly is a 'mangastrip'. This unique invention of mine is an attempt to synthesize Japanese manga with the American comic strip, thus 'mangastrip'. The main work is supplemented with 'alternate universe' stories to watch for, and occasionally, animation as well.


  About Jennifer

I am a game designer, an artist, a web designer, and a great many other, reasonably exotic, things. I lead a singularly unusual life. I live with my three spouses in a polyamory, or group marriage. I am very childlike, and I love toys and games very much. I am an Eternal Child! My nicknames are Giniko-chan, Gini-chan, Jen-Jen-Chan and Jenny Plenny (Plenty). I am very serious about being very silly. I am well loved, and well cared for, and I am fairly successful. My likes and dislikes are listed, at rather great length, below!

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