Background Of The History Behind Unicorn Jelly: Jennifer's Game World Books


A Peek Into The Universes Before Unicorn Jelly


I have been asked by many readers to provide a glimpse into the kind of worlds I have imagined before the Tryslmaistan Universe of Unicorn Jelly.

I have been imagining other worlds and other universes for my entire conscious life: in Kindergarten I invented worlds of strange, kindly, floppy beings and their gentle, but very different, way of life. In Gradeschool I drew my first epic comic, Cosmochronicles, which details the complete saga of a race of beings in a universe with some diffeent physical laws than our own. When I daydream, it is almost certainly to imagine some new and curious world, cosmos, or dimensional realm.

Tabletop Role-Play gaming, however, was the first motivation I had to start recording and detailing such worlds and universes. It is a requirement of the Game Master for such entertainment, that they put in serious time developing a game world for their players to explore. In High School, I was introduced to such gaming, and soon developed a great amount of work. That work became the basis of the worlds I ran as a GM, for many years.

Altogether, there are six complete books, all of which began with a simple little fantasy world named Pelenor, which in time required a universe to be located within, called the Gorbald Cosmos. This in turn, as my players ventured further, required a metacosmos, or Multiverse, filled with universes, each with their own equivalents of worlds, or at the very least, realms, to visit. By 1980, my books were completely full.

Here then, is a peek at just a few pages from those six books...

This is the cover of Volume Six, the last book in the
series. Click on the cover to continue.



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