A 'Fanfic' is a fan-created work of fiction, based on an already established story, saga, film, program, series, comic, or other entertainment. It is the literary counterpoint to fan art, and is always one of the greatest honors a creator can  ever recieve. 


  How did the Humans end up on Gryrnu?  In this canonical short story, Stephen Lepisto tells us about a time directly before the events of Unicorn Jelly. Let him show you a future earth where human beings still talk about the weather in...

A Blustery Day In Hyperspace


  Stephen Lepisto is an accomplished author, and here he lends his talents to my humble cosmos. Allow one of my my spouses, the good Stephen, to take you into a freefalling story of the people who missed the Arkship....the Storm Divers. Oh, and in case you are curious,  I consider this story to be canonical.



  Ellie, who also goes by the name of Crowfrog, offers this possible resolution to the entire Unicorn Jelly story. Both the writing, and the concepts are of the highest caliber. Allow Ellie to take you to her alternate Tryslmaistan universe, to see the end, and the beginning, of....everything.

The Spiral Dance


  Snow Hart and Naeta Waismulo offer us a short-short story about the very last day before Gryrnu fell.

Last Day


  Obaketenshi tells us a story of emotion in the 'Happy' Alternate Universe version of Gryrnu.

Of Love And Honor




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