Dragonfly Enjoys The Breeze
by Jennifer Diane Reitz

This animation is a fan art for the brilliant author of Latex Blue, a quite endearingly kinky anthropomorphic comic based on elements from the Psychopathia Sexualis. The above is the Furry Self of Dragonfly, as rendered, and animated, by me. Animation makes things live in a very unique and special way, and I figured that an animation of Dragonfly's Fur Self would be an exceptional thing to get to see.

The images were first drawn in DPaint Animator, an adjunct to the Dpaint2 paint program I use. After the animation frames were drawn by hand with a mouse and then painted and cropped down to size, they were transferred into Paint Shop Pro to be converted into .gif format. The images were then loaded into Microsoft Gif Animator and made into a working animation. After this step, the resultant animated gif was transferred into Paint Shop Pro Animation Studio to be run through an optimization tool. The finished animation was then saved off.

Of special note in this animation is the use of shading to simulate the breeze affecting the fur, and the air effects upon the hair. It was a very interesting project, in that I set myself the task of not only duplicating another artists style, but also then bringing that style to life with animation. Overall, I think I succeeded, and I can but hope good Dragonfly might also agree!