The Alternate Universe version of Uni, Uni-kun shares a similar, but more certain history to his Prime Universe self. Alternate Universe Uni-Kun would seem to almost certainly be the result of an encounter with a very real Holy Unicorn. Or so it would seem. Unlike the sexless Uni of the Prime Universe saga, Uni-kun is male, and in manga terms, a bishonen, or 'pretty boy' (as slimes go) male.


Uni-kun, like his Prime self, strives for the ideal of being a Holy Unicorn. In personality, Uni-Kun is rather like an utterly innocent traveling monk, striving to purify both body and mind, to achieve the highest state of being. Silent and gentle, this version of Uni can speak...but chooses not to. Uni-Kun's path to chaste and quiet self perfection, however, has been abruptly derailed by the intense and passionate love of the Alternate Universe KayWai-kun. Shonen-ai hijinks ensue.

In their relationship together, the pair break manga tradition in that Uni-kun plays the part of uke (bottom), and the taller and more feminine KayWai-kun plays the role of seme (top). Semi-reluctant  comical sexual role play ensue.    


Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Occupation: UNICORN / Jelly Bishonen
Alignment: Lawful Good

Height 1' 3", Diameter 2' 1" (variable). Weight 24 lbs. Black optic strips. Slightly translucent pearly white in color. Soft, dry, and warm to touch. Tail, with round ball structure on tip. Ultra-sharp slightly phase-shifted horn ( 1' 7" long at maximum extension )

STR STRENGTH          18      (+4)
DEX DEXTERITY         18      (+4)
CON CONSTITUTION   18      (+4)
INT INTELLIGENCE      18      (+4)
WIS WISDOM           2        (-4)
CHA CHARISMA          24      (+7)

FORTITUDE         4
REFLEX                 5
WILL                     18 (Holy)

AC  12
SPEED 30' (160) (Annihilation Charge Speed: 800 (160) ) also Supernal Speed (rare -can be used only once per month, acts as effective timestop permitting 12 regular actions in the space of one round)

KINSEY           6, Homosexual
RELIGION        Idealizes the 'Holy Unicorn', strives to become a Unicorn.


Charm 4
Radiate Holiness 4
Bishonen Shine 4
Bishonen Posing 4


Hot Jelly Sex 5
Perfect Looks 4
Horn Balance 4 (juggling-like skill)
Detect Evil (natural ability)
Detect Magic (natural ability)
Purify (all poisons and toxins on contact with horn)
Heal Massive Wounds (via excretion of potion-like chemistry)
Detect Alignment (natural ability, and Absolute, works even against deity level beings.)
Darkvision 90'


Talcryl (Uni-kun CAN speak, but chooses not to)


Charm Guy Any character with a Kinsey Number above 2 must roll save versus infatuation. If infatuation occurs a second save roll must be made or the target character's Kinsey Number increases by 2 (if possible). This spell is automatic, and is cast whenever any male being of any type comes within 30' of Uni-kun. As this is a permanent spell effect that radiates from Uni-kun, it may occur any number of times during day or night, but only once ever to any one given character.


Unicorn Horn Atk +4 melee 1D8 damage per level of Unicorn Jelly, phase/puncture/purity damage with a + 4 additional if Uni is defending others. The horn can cut any material or etherial thing whatsoever.

Special Attack: Annihilation Charge PLUS 1D20 per level of Unicorn Jelly. A successful attack that does more than 18 points damage will generate a purity shockwave that can shatter glass (1D8 per level) or disrupt undead or evil (1D12 per level) for a radius of 1/2 mile around the target. Annihilation Charge can be used any old darn time Uni-Kun wants to use it, but can never be used in a way that would conflict with Uni-Kun's alignment. There is no penalty. Uni-Kun can kick ass and take numbers.


None. Unlike Normal Slimes and Jellies, Unicorn Jellies lack the amorphous ability to extend pseudopods and to create inclusion spaces inside their bodies. Because of this, Uni cannot easily suspend abjects inside its body mass. Lacking pseudopods, manipulation of objects is by juggling them with the tip of the horn (or by using the tail), so Uni does not commonly carry objects.




Uni-kun has a Prime Universe self that differs from the Alternate Universe Uni-kun. Check out PRIME UNIVERSE UNI


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