Thilia Lorrindru Lilinffylst was born to extremely bland and distant parents, in the distant Port Semeuke. Eclipsed by her rambunctious siblings, a brother and a sister, Thilia grew up existing mostly alone, wandering the beaches, or strolling through the forest. Eventually, she was sent to the local Alchemist Naval Military Academy, mostly because her parents could think of nothing else.

Thilia immediately rebelled against this situation, despite an innate ability with machinery. She did not like being 'dumped' without concern into the closest available school, and she especially felt that military action was wrong: she had a deep certainty that swordplay was the last resort of a failed situation, and was morally bankrupt in any case.

Thilia fought her placement with such fury and eloquence, that the Council took notice, and was forced to intervene. After much fuss, Thilia was eventually sent to Gyranfryll Wabe, and entered in the prestigious Moon Pond Wiccan Academy. The fact that she had been heard, and had made a difference at last, affected the young girl, and she determined to rise as high as she could in her new situation.

Thilia proved to be an expert study, and her wit and cleverness made her stand out greatly in every regard. During her years at Moon Pond, she often was elected to various student positions, was constantly in demand to arbitrate student disputes, and universally considered to be the only impartial person in her crowd. These qualities did not go unnoticed by the ever-watchful structures of the Gryrnese Government, and soon, Thilia was being groomed for public office.

During this time, Thilia met her wife, Zheni Daeni Lytzuu, a young Wiccan who enchanted her. Together, they made an adorable couple, and the partnership only strengthened Thilia's resolve to achieve.

First serving as a Cultural Binder, then moving ever upwards as her abilities became legend, Thilia ended up as the Third Seat of the Governmental Council at the age of 32, the youngest Seat ever. In that position, she distinguished herself in many ways, especially with her incredible knowledge of the whole of the Books Of Myrmil. Soon noted as an expert on Myrmil and Myrmillian lore, she was placed at the head of the Government at the age of 42, after a flying accident killed the previous Governmental Leader.

As the Head of the Government Of Gryrnu, Madame Lillinfylst has found herself in the terrible position of having to head projects and activities that clash desperately with her own sense of fairness. Even so, Thilia is noted for both loyalty and determination to complete tasks, and will see to it that the Plan Of Myrmil is carried out as effectively as possible. However, it is in Thilia's Nature to seek better ways of accomplishing goals, even if those ways deviate dramatically from the expected and the normal...



Thilia Lilinffylst is disarmingly irreverent and witty, which sometimes gets her in trouble with the more stodgy and conservative members of the Gryrnese government. However, this attitude serves her well in dealing with the populace, and maintains her political strength in Gryrnese society. Thilia is a somewhat distant person, and will only open up to someone after many years, and even then still keep much to herself. Deep down, Thilia is very lonely, and needs people more than she is willing to openly admit: she is very conscious of the risks of any vulnerability. She has a slightly bitter and cynical air about her, and is watchful of all around her.

Thilia is noted for treating everyone with an even hand, and with respect, unless they cross her, in which case her wrath is almost without limit. Sometimes this can be her own downfall, as she can become so angry that she is immobilized. She is prone to depressions, especially after great losses, but ultimately always rallies to achieve needed goals.

Possessing far more creativity that is good for a person in her position, Thilia is spontaneous and can surprise with unexpected and clever actions that take those around her unawares.

Above all, Thilia values balance, equality, and fairness in the world, and demands reason and fairness of others, demands that are all too often not met.    



Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 54
Occupation: First Wiccan Seat, Madame Lilinffylst: Head Of The Gryrnese Government, Leader Of The Governmental Council Of Gryrnu
Alignment: Neutral Good

Height 5' 6", Weight 175 lbs. Blue eyes, golden blond hair, pale skin. Elven ears. Ancestry includes Human, Elvish, and Ogre.

STR STRENGTH          10     (+0)
DEX DEXTERITY         11     (+0)
CON CONSTITUTION   11     (+0)
INT INTELLIGENCE      15     (+3)
WIS WISDOM           16     (+3)
CHA CHARISMA          15     (+3)

FORTITUDE         2
REFLEX                 2
WILL                     14

AC  9
SPEED 25' (5)

KINSEY         3 (Bisexual)
RELIGION      Wiccan Agnostic

Political Intimidation
Political Awareness
Entrepreneurial Skill


Management 2
Political Mediation 2
Knowledge of Politics 3
Knowledge of Medicine 2
Knowledge of Alchemy 1
Knowledge of Accumulated Lore 2
Knowledge of The Books Of Myrmil 3
Mechanical Aptitude 2
General Knowledge 4
Trivia and Incidental Facts 3
Wit and Humor 4

Magickal Abilities:

Innate Curse
(Target suffers a circumstantial catastrophe that does damage equal to 1D6 X the degree Thilia is angered when curse is cast, degree is determined by rolling 1D12. Can only be cast once per month, maximum. Thilia herself only half believes that this ability is real, yet more than one of her enemies, if they live, have no remaining doubts.)


None. Thilia always relies on her wit and intelligence to avoid combat, and considers any requirement for physical battle to be a failure. If, however, she is pressed into a corner with no options, she will fight with Berserker Unholy Fury (+5 to damage) with any available tools, or even her bare hands. If pressed to physical action, Thilia will combat until she has utterly destroyed all remains of her enemy, or unless restrained by those she can still perceive as her friends. Her attacks will be instinctively targeted to first blind and cripple, followed by outright slaughter. She will not care for her own physical state at all during such Fury, and is immune to pain.


Council Robes
Wiccan Dress
Pig Leather boots
Wiccan Hat (three-lobed form)
Gryrnese Wiccan Pentacle
Corrective Glasses (Thilia is very nearsighted, -4 to vision without glasses)


Talcryl and Talcrylic Script
Alpabe Runes


4,250,000 Til, additionally she owns her own mansion in Gyranfryll Wabe.



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