Weiho Kseniya Ngo was born to middle-class, Wiccan Ogre Clan parents, who were very unhappy with their child. Weiho, from birth, was anything but a good little girl, and was forever yelling, roughhousing, and occasionally getting into fights. Nicknamed 'Wai-Wai', for constantly screaming and generally being loud, young Weiho also preferred tools to toys, and weapons to anything. Eventually, Weiho demanded to go to Alchemist Academy to train as a -poorly paid- Fighter.

This was too much for Ardbo and Phuoni Ngo, as their wish was for their daughter to become a wealthy Medical Wiccan only, and so they resolved to force their child into 'doing the right thing'. Enrolled, forcibly, into the Pembletown Tea Bowl Academy, Weiho became incensed. Refusing to answer to any name but the nickname 'Wai-Wai', and shaving his head, Weiho dressed and acted openly male, and began to design weapons. Eventually, social calamity ensued, and the Ngo's were forced to withdraw their child from Plum Orchard in an embarrassing spectacle that culminated in Weiho nearly being killed by fellow students enraged by her behavior and mannerisms.

Finally admitting that their child had a problem, the Ngo's were faced with a very straight-forward issue: kill their child, or support the true identity of their child; for in Gryrnese society, a person with gender issues is not allowed to live. The Ngo's chose to execute Weiho, in the desert, after getting a Governmental Release for Child Execution from The Department Of Cultural Affairs.

Much later, a young, balding man began making a name for himself in the Alchemist Faction as being able to improve on both weapons and their production. Quiet and reserved, Wai-Wai Ngo was a mystery in Gyranfryll Wabe, and the fact that there was a clever man with no documented history became of great interest to the Colony Project Special Corps Recruitment Office.

Eventually, Wai-Wai, after a brutal, but botched, investigation that discovered nothing, was offered an opportunity to serve as a guard and fighter on Colony Project ships, crossing the Central Sea. In this capacity, Wai-Wai was seen as disposable, and the intent was to clasp the man in chains at the other end, to be worked as an Arkship Slave, mining metals. On this particular journey, however, the ship was attacked with piratical intent by lawless and Faction-Broken thieves halfway across the sea. In the ensuing battle, Wai-Wai managed to distinguish himself, and was allowed to return to Gyranfryll after all. But it was the manner of how Wai-Wai distinguished himself that changed his fate.

The battle had been lost, and there was no hope at the hands of the Faction Breakers, and worse, it seemed that the very secret of the Colony Project would be revealed as a result. Wai-Wai managed to gain the trust of the Faction Breakers by revealing himself as one of their own kind, and more than this, convinced them that he had arranged the entire situation, long ago. He knew names, addresses, plans, all in detail. Yet, when the situation presented itself, Wai-Wai singlehandedly dispatched the effective pirates, using his own improved version of the Alchemist Springshooter.

Back in Gyranfryll, the Colony Project Special Corps was most curious about how Wai-Wai knew the information he had known, and once again, he showed his abilities, in telling them about the details of their own operation. It was then that it was seen that Wai-Wai was a master at gathering secret information, of all kinds, from virtually any source.

Handy, inventive, having no background and no history, yet apparently strongly loyal to the Government made Wai-Wai greatly of interest. Eventually, he was put in charge of the Ponsbury branch of Perfection Crystal Violet Ultra, the Gryrnese 'Secret Service' by Colony Project Control.

There, placed under the cover of being a Toymaker, Wai-Wai proved himself over and over again, thwarting plots and schemes by both Wiccans and Alchemists, independent Faction Breakers and more. He also constantly invented or improved the weapons, tools, and processes needed by the various branches of the Government, almost as a hobby. Nothing like Wai-Wai had ever happened before, at least in memory, so he was considered very useful, and allowed to continue, with increasing latitude. Some effort was made, on occasion, to elevate him to the Council Halls back in Gryanfryll, but Wai-Wai knew that this could compromise him eventually...and fought such advancement to remain in the small village of Ponsbury, out of direct scrutiny.

Living under the constant threat of eventual discovery, Wai-Wai determined that the best path to being allowed to stay alive, and useful, was to be the best he could be at his job. Forming a cadre of agents, including the disgraced Sisu Toteuttaa (with whom Wai-Wai felt a distant himself, Sisu was on the run, fearing constantly for his life), and even the renown caterers, Zuzux and Texto.



Wai-Wai Ngo is secretive by nature, but underneath his cautious and carefully maintained performance is a warm heart. Wai-Wai feels deeply for the underdog and the outcast, but he also feels great loyalty to the Government, which ultimately, gave him the only niche where he could remain alive. Wai-Wai loves animals, especially rats, and will not eat rat meat. While he is always kind and generous in behavior, he has the capacity to make extremely cold-hearted decisions when required. He is a master of information, and constantly ferrets out secrets and details, almost without trying. Absorbing every detail he hears, and every nuance he sees, Wai-Wai can make great conceptual leaps and deduce facts from very tiny scraps of information.

Wai-Wai is curious, intelligent, and precise. He is a little over-precise in some matters, annoyingly so. It is very difficult for Wai-Wai to show any extreme of any emotion, and is self-controlled to a fault, he also demands such inner self control of others, and becomes frustrated, or bothered, at any such failure.

Inside, Wai-Wai rages at life, at the cruelty of his situation, of being unable to do anything about it, and of the constant need to fear discovery of his physical sex. He is perpetually angry at the betrayal of his parents, long ago, and this caldron of seething rage boils just beneath the surface. He never allows it to show, however.

Wai-Wai becomes deeply affected by any genuine kindness shown him, and will risk things to help those in need. During his time in Ponsbury, for instance, the poorest people in his town would occasionally receive mysterious baskets of food or other necessities exactly when they needed them most, and despite great effort, no person ever discovered how this happened, or how it was that the mysterious benefactor even knew of their crisis...which sometimes was very personal. Wai-Wai also managed to detect, and rescue, two other people, like himself, and give them a chance at life in a new town, over the years. All without anyone, including his superiors, knowing.



Sex: Female
Gender: Male
Age: 41
Occupation: Toymaker, Ponsbury Regional Head of Perfection Crystal Violet Ultra
Alignment: Neutral Good


Height 4' 6", Weight 108 lbs. Olive-green eyes, shaved head, black hair, pale skin. Human ears. stocky, muscular Ogre build.

STR STRENGTH          16     (+3)
DEX DEXTERITY         14     (+2)
CON CONSTITUTION   12     (+2)
INT INTELLIGENCE      16     (+3)
WIS WISDOM           18     (+4)
CHA CHARISMA          8      (-1)

FORTITUDE         2
REFLEX                 3
WILL                     13

AC  9
SPEED 24' (5)

KINSEY         1.2 (Straight. However, it is unlikely that Wai-Wai will ever get to function normally as a male with a woman, because of the lack of appropriate corrective surgical advancement on Gryrnu, as well as the social condemnation of transsexuals.)
RELIGION      Atheist

Photographic Memory
Superior Deductive Reasoning
Psychological and Emotional Manipulation


Mathematics 2
Knowledge of Secrets and Covert Matters 3
Machine Repair and Invention 3
Accounting 3

Magickal Abilities:

Wai-Wai seems to have an almost mystical ability to derive secret information and to keep secrets.


Wai-Wai is so mentally arranged that everything in the world can be a weapon to him, and he can find a way to make a weapon of anything. However, he does possess a few favorite tools he carries with him...

Caladium-Ortenide Hammer (1D4+4) Can be thrown. Exceptional hardness and balance.

Modified Alchemist Springshooter (1D8+2) 20' range. Features two separate darts, one poisoned, one drugged, allowing a choice of a fatal or disabling attack.

SpringKnife Boots (1D6+3) Spring loaded knives allow for a deadly and surprise kick.


Shopkeeper's Clothing
Special Boots (See Above)
Special Tinker's Hammer (See Above)
Springshooter (See Above)
Trained Pet Rat "Alpabe", (HP 2, DEX 18, INT 2, AC 0, Speed 28' (6))


Talcryl and Talcrylic Script
Alpabe Runes
Written Jellese


2,836,334 hidden away in various secret stashes and methods.



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