Muri Lurluia Kazemahou was the eldest child of two, born to her mother Relinya Alta Kazemahou, and father Galane Aoi Kazemahou. Her sister was Faelini Zarathustra Kazemahou, who became the darling of the Kazemahou family, in part because of her sister, Muri.

With exceptionally unusual sibling devotion, rather than rivalry, the young but elder Muri doted on her baby sister Fae, finding in caring for her a purpose and a joy that the melancholic girl seemed unable to find on her own. Muri seemed distant with those outside her family, and could not make friends easily. This worried her parents, who felt helpless to find a way to get young Muri to develop friendships and relationships outside the home.

A neurotic youth, Muri developed for several years around her adolescence, a strange compulsion to clean, and would wash her hands several times in a row after the smallest activity. She was stern and overly harsh with herself, yet indulging towards her younger sibling, Faelini. As she approached her 16th year, her odd compulsions regarding cleanliness abruptly vanished. Even so, Muri still values neatness and cleanliness above normal levels.

Her mother, Relinya, always felt that Muri's childhood problems were her own fault, as she once accidentally took a nearly fatal dose of Vlax during the time she was carrying Muri, but whatever the cause, Muri Kazemahou was not a happy child.

A brilliant student, with a keen mind, Muri excelled in school, and shared her academic gifts with her beloved sister, whom she tutored. By some clever, behind the scenes efforts the young Muri managed to gain full scholarships for not only herself, but also for her sister, to the prestigious Moon Pond Academy. She and Fae were the first children of the Kazemahou lineage to enter the grand college, instantly elevating her family's status.

Surpassing most other students, Muri graduated in the top percentage of her class, and was immediately marked for a potential career in the Gryrnu government. Success followed success, and the diligent and determined Muri rose to her current position as the Executive Treasurer of the Gryrnu Governmental Council. She was appointed at the recommendation of a young Thilia Lilinffylst, the new High Priestess of Moon Pond, now risen to the Wiccan Seat in the Gryrnu Governmental Council. Thilia had originally considered her for the Cultural Affairs chair, but changed her mind after considering Muri's lonely and asocial personality.

Throughout all of this, Muri never forgot Faelini, and used her position constantly to help her sister to succeed in any endeavor. Obsessed with the life of her sibling, Muri is probably the single most important factor in Faelini's rise to the position of the most successful independent Witch in all of Gyranfryll Wabe. However, when Faelini had a daughter, this seemed to upset Muri, and some thought that she was somehow jealous of her own sister's child. This created somewhat of a rift for several years, between the sisters.

During this time Muri became concerned over her sisters activities, and came to realize that her outspoken and overly curious offspring had become involved in matters that could bring the new fortune, and the new prestige of the entire Kazemahou family crashing down. Fearful for the success of her sister even more than for herself, the obsessive Muri Kazemahou determined that her only choice to contain this problem was to 'clean it up' herself.

Positioning herself as an Assistant under Dr. Daeus Makineri, a local Alchemists' Union leader, and the officially appointed Cultural Binder for the Gryrnu Council, Muri made sure she was precisely placed to hide anything damaging to her sister, or to her family and herself.

Soon Muri Kazemahou found herself involved in a dark world of multiple conspiracies, her own, and those of her superior, Makineri. Charged with binding and controlling the very culture, society, and thought of her world, Muri found herself increasingly trapped in a tangled mess. Only time will see what comes of this....   



Muri is severe, highly intelligent, but lacking in any real creativity. She is highly obsessive, and occasionally fights with bouts of a compulsive disorder. She is melancholic by nature, and find little comfort in other people, or even animals. Her only real activities are her work, and until a few years ago, vicariously living the life of her sister.

Muri is very, even neurotically, concerned with justice and with what is correct and proper, so much so that it has made her rather narrow and at times bigoted in her beliefs and values. She has Impalist leanings, but would never act on them for reasons of conscience. although she can be prejudiced, Muri has deep religious convictions that conflict with this, and she thinks of herself as a highly compassionate individual. She has been known to speak out to defend the honor or the safety of even those she considers inferior, on the grounds that all life is sacred. This noble sentiment is dimmed, however, by the clear fact that Muri considers some life to be more sacred than other life, at least with regard to civil rights.

Muri enjoys little. She cleans obsessively, and is a superior cook. She is capable of making remarkable dishes from the rather limited Tryslmaistan food options, and once one a regional prize for her unsurpassed Dandelion Glazed Rat Teriyaki. Her sister cajoled her into entering the contest, and interestingly, Muri shows some real pride for her award.

Muri is currently involved in at least four conspiracies. One is with her Cultural Binder superior, Dr. Makineri, who belongs to some secret society. Another is her constant effort to preserve the memory of her deceased sister, who even after death, she obsessively protects. Additionally, she is an Honored Member of the Wiccan Ocha Conclave, and knows, and helps keep, the Holy Secret Of Tea. This is reasonable, since the sale of Tea is the primary financial base for the entire Wiccan Faction, and Muri is the treasurer for the Gryrnu government. It's a natural fit. Lastly, Muri is a sworn part of the The Society Of Letters, something she was compelled to join as the ultimate act of protecting her sister's memory. She is so entrapped by all of these, that she is often forced to do things she does not approve of, and often finds herself shackled to such complexity. She is bitter and sad, much of the time. 


Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 43
Occupation: Executive Treasurer, Assistant Cultural Binder
Alignment: Neutral

Height 6' 1", Weight 203 lbs. Grey eyes, Chestnut hair, Medium skin.

STR STRENGTH          11    (+0)
DEX DEXTERITY         14    (+2)
INT INTELLIGENCE      14    (+2)
WIS WISDOM           16    (+3)
CHA CHARISMA          12    (+1)

FORTITUDE         6
REFLEX                 3
WILL                     13

AC  13
SPEED 30' (6)

KINSEY           1.1  (Heterosexual)
RELIGION        Wiccan (Solitary Dianic / Agnostic )

Superior Cookery
Perfect Bookeeping
Basic Broom Aviation


Cooking 4
Accounting 4
Mathematics 2
Statistical Analysis 2
Sanitation and Hygiene 4
Organization and Sorting 3
Office Work 3
Concentration 4
Knowledge, Arcana 2
Herbal Lore 4


Talcryl and Talcrylic Script
Alpabe Runes

Magickal Abilities:

Heal Minor Wounds
Minor Psychometry
Minor Clairvoyance


None. Muri finds weapons undesirable and unpleasant. Instead, she hires lessers to handle such matters if such are needed. 


Holy Symbol, Silver Pentacle
Government Uniform
Painting of her sister Faelini
Masterwork Leather Boots
Hand-crafted Masterwork Aerial Broom


874365 Til in Bank
Government Salary of 103,000 Til, annually
Wiccan Ocha Conclave Payments of 5,000 Til/ Month
Assistant Cultural Binder Salary of 30,000 Til/ Year
Various investments



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