The daughter of Giseia Juuki Reopardu and Kernuun Osse Grienmon, Lili is a bright, exuberant, and somewhat easily excitable child. Lili loves things with a passion, and she especially loves toys, spending much of her time hanging about Wai Wai's toy stand in her home village of Ponsbury-On-The-Mere.

Lili perpetually wears an oversized Witches hat, which once belonged to her absent father. She also wears his three-sided Tryslmaistan pentacle, and strives to be a "Super Great Witch" just like him. Although Lili loves her mother dearly, she also misses her father greatly, and clings to these mementoes constantly. Lili knows her father is working far away, across the ocean, and prays every night to the Moon for him to return the next day.

Lili was a bit of a lonely child until she met Chou, who at the time, was helping her mother Lupiko work Wai Wai's toy stand. Immediately, Lili liked Chou, and they became "Bestest Ever Friends". The first that Lupiko heard of their friendship was in discovering that the two had been sneaking out to pray to the moon together, an activity that is now supervised, since Ponsbury, like any town, has its dangers.

Lili considers herself Chou's older sister, despite their age difference, and tries to help Chou to grow and to develop. Lili is too young, perhaps, to entirely understand Chou's disability. Lili simply believes Chou is very tall. Lili has managed to help Chou a great deal, and now Chou can do many things she could not do before meeting Lili.

Lili is very goodheated, kind, and loving, and she is also -mostly- very good tempered. However, on those occasions that she does throw a tantrum, it is fairly incredible. Her mother, Geseia sometimes jokes that Lili's tantrums were the weapon that shattered lost Myrmil...



Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 5 1/2
Occupation: Bestest EVER Witch On All Gryrnu!!!
Alignment: Lawful Good (Lili is a remarkably well behaved child, and actually does what she is told, except when she is throwing a whopper of a tantrum)
LEVEL: 1 (Lili would claim to being Level One Zillion And Two, if she knew about levels.)

Height 4' 1", Weight 68 lbs. Dark blue eyes, Reddish-Brown hair, pinkish skin. She has very slight webbing between her toes, a mild error of development.

STR STRENGTH          4      (-4)
DEX DEXTERITY         8     (-2)
CON CONSTITUTION   6      (-2)
INT INTELLIGENCE      8    (-2)
WIS WISDOM           4     (-4)
CHA CHARISMA          18     (+4) She is incredibly cute.

FORTITUDE         2
REFLEX                 2
WILL                     1

AC  6
SPEED 16' (4)

KINSEY         2.1 (Fairly Straight. Currently not an issue at her age!)
RELIGION      SUPER GOOD Tryslmaistan Witch

Perfect Smile
Can Bend Fingers Back And Scare Parents
Singing Really Really Good And Stuff
Self Dressing


Advanced Toy Begging 5
Helping Mommy 2
Knowledge of Playing Dress-Up 3
Knowledge of Getting Out Of Trouble By Being Cute 3
Childhood Lore 3
Toy Lore 2

Magickal Abilities:

Super Neato Spells An' Stuff. Can Pray To Moon And Have Stuff Sorta Happen Half The Time Kinda.


UTTERLY DISARMING PERSONALITY (1D6+1) Devastating force of Cuteness melts hearts of all opponents. Value: priceless.

TANTRUM OF DEVASTATION (1D8 mood damage) Horrendous caterwauling and such carrying-on that it could almost shatter a Worldplate.


Heliotrope Romper
Father's Witch Hat
Heliotrope Booties
Father's 3-sided Tryslmaistan Pentacle


Can Paint Her Name Symbol In Talcrylic Script All By Herself.


Allowance of 5 Til per week, if she cleans up her toys and Helps Mommy.



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