Giseia Juuki Reopardu was the third daughter of Niva Yuno Reopardu and Malia Yiln Okulugi. Gisea's two mothers raised their daughters on a farm located on the outskirts of the Flame Island Resort town. Growing up on a farm bordering a tourist resort instilled a love of people and of animals in the young Giseia, and at an early age, she decided to be a teacher. Giseia showed a strong early aptitude for machinery, and often helped to repair various tools and equipment in order to earn Til to help her family. This ability was encouraged, and Giseia was drawn to the study of Alchemy, joining Flame Island Alchemists Union 002 at the age of 18.

At the age of 21, Giseia met her soon-to-be husband, Kernuun Osse Grienmon, a lonely, vacationing Witch. They fell in love immediately, and had one daughter, Lili, a short time later. The couple decided to marry, but their relationship was opposed by the families of both sides, owing to the general social tension between Alchemists and Witches. There was much concern about how Lili would be raised, if the couple actually lived together for any length of time. Giseia and Kernuun, fed up with the bigotry of the time, moved away with their daughter to the small village of Ponsbury-On-The-Mere, away from everyone they knew. 

Giseia managed to finally get her lifelong dream of a teaching position, in nearby Pembletown, a fairly long commute. Kernuun, in order to raise the standard of living for his family, reluctantly joined the Oversea Colony Project, despite the fact that it would be years before he could return. The financial benefit was simply too great to turn down. Giseia still recieves monthly money supposedly from Kernuun, but has never heard from him since, and cannot obtain any information about him. This is a problem she shares with all spouses involved in Oversea Project work, and she is increasingly upset about the issue, regardless of the decent money she recieves.

Giseia is a very popular teacher at Pembletown Cricket Level School, and children love her in general. She raises her daughter, Lili, and struggles to find out what happened to her husband Kernuun. She has recently become friends with Lupiko, after their daughters became "Bestest Ever Friends".      


Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Occupation: Cricket Level Teacher, Alchemy
Alignment: Lawful Good

Height 6' 1", Weight 208 lbs. Blue eyes, Red and Black mixed hair, Pale skin.

STR STRENGTH          12      (+1)
DEX DEXTERITY         14     (+2)
CON CONSTITUTION   16      (+3)
INT INTELLIGENCE      14    (+2)
WIS WISDOM           13    (+1)
CHA CHARISMA          14     (+2).

FORTITUDE         4
REFLEX                 4
WILL                     4

AC  13
SPEED 30' (6)

KINSEY           3.1  (Bisexual)
RELIGION        Wiccan

Attention To Detail
Mechanical Aptitude
Mathematical Ability


Commanding Attention Of Children 4
Teaching Ability 3
Knowledge of Mechanics 4
Knowledge of Mathematics 3
Knowledge of Basic Life Skills 3
Historical Lore 3

Magickal Abilities:

Uncanny Ability To Call Small Animals To Her
Clairvoyant Sensing Of The Location Of Her Child


Giseia never carries a weapon.


Ringcollar Dress
Alchemist's Glasses
Pigskin Boots
Alchemist's Hair Brace
3-sided Tryslmaistan Pentacle (usually kept hidden)


Talcryl and Talcrylic Script
Alpabe Runes


Teaching Salary of 3500 Til per Month
5535 Til Per Month From her husband, across the sea working on the Oversea Colony Project.
8,334 Til in Bank
200 Til hidden under bed



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