"TeKaii Salad "
Gryrnese Cricket Salad


MelSkun Of Pembleton once wrote of the favorite foods of that small town, and one of the recipes included was the popular TeKaii, or cricket salad....

TeKaii Salad 

A salad designed to be eaten with cold crickets as a refereshing accent to a large lunch, or with fresh, hot crickets as an afternoon 'meal' or small lunch. The bright and refreshing taste of young dandelion mixed with the crunch of spice-roasted crickets is a wonderful treat to have at the beginning of the dandelion harvest season.



1 cup crickets, stripped 

2 tbs Cone Nut Oil 

1/2 tbs TeKaskara 

Pinch Trell Pollen 

Pinch Salt 

3 cups young dandelion leaves 

Healthy pinch shreaded sour grass 

1:1 ratio of Plum Vinegar to Cone Nut Oil, done to taste 


First, strip the crickets of all but the abdomen and thorax. Other parts can be saved for later uses.

Heat a pan with cone nut oil until it spits, and then add TeKaskara and Trell Pollen. Let infuse and heat up until a pleasent scent is eminating, generally 30 seconds to a minute. Mix in crickets, fully coating them in oil, then take pan off of heat. Sprinkle with salt. Let sit 5 minutes, then move crickets to a baking sheet. Take to a hot oven, and roast the crickets for 10 to 15 minutes, turning once to make sure each side is fully roasted.

You can let crickets cool and put them aside for as long as you like, or serve them hot on the salad. We recommend that crickets that are set aside be reheated in an oven for a minute to add that wonderful warmth.

Toss dandelion leaves with sour grass, then toss with spicy crickets. Finally, drizzle a mix of vinegar and oil on the salad and toss again.

Some people like a slight splash of Tant added to the salad as a last step before taking it to the table. If served in adult company, the salad is often brought to the table with a tiny cup of tant (aprox 1/2 tbs) to allow for guests to add it in.

Roasted Spicy Crickets, or TeKaii, are just as good when not in a salad. A small bowl of them offered to guests or visitors is always appreciated, and they make a lovely garnesh on noodles, soups and other foods.


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