"Tyuu "
Gryrnese Plum Sauce



(Sweet-and-Sour Plum Sauce)
Recipe researched by Baar Naowl Of Gryranfryll Wabe.

Plum sauce is really mostly a meat condiment; it's served with KysKys in accordance with the old adage "Anything goes with KysKys." It's frequently used to baste roasts and cook chicken, or as a stir-fry sauce, and is much prized on the artistically-laid table for its dark red-purple color and glossy finish.

2 cups skinned, pitted, roughly chopped plums 

2 tbsp plum vinegar 

2 tbsp honey 

Throw everything in a pan. Heat up, and cook until it's all fallen apart and melded together. Unlike Chaalin, this doesn't rely on time -- crush and smash the little buggers up all you want. Adjsut vinegar and honey depending on how tangy you want it. If it seems a little thin, add rice flour and heat to thicken.  

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