"Onujle "
Gryrnese Flatbread


Informed by ancient traces of Earthly cultures, the foods of Gryrnu reflect both practicality and history. One such food is the Onujle, or Gryrnese Flatbread, a decendent of the terrestrial tortilla.... 


6 cups rice flour 
pinch or two of salt 
1/2 cup fat of some form (sow lard would probably be best) 
2 or 3 cups water (warm) 

Mix the salt into the flour 

Mix the lard into the flour 

Mix the water into the flour 

Scrape the dough out of the bowl and knead for a few minutes...generally until the dough stops feeling really "sticky"

Cut into around 16 balls of dough. For a really flat flatbread, we usually use presses or rolling pins...but flattening by hand works if you're skilled.

Throw the flatbreads on the griddle. Cook until light brown spots appear on the surface.

This should make 16 flatbreads, each around 6-8 inches wide.



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