"Miiveig "
Gryrnese Salad


MiiVeig Salad 

Simple, nutritious, delicious. The vegetables add crunch, color, and a nice, refreshing flavor, and the sauce creates a nice, creamy taste. Perfect for a nice lunch.

A bunch of Brasbane stems 
About a cup and a half of Anagroat 
A cup of Miriples 
A cup of Sian Noya 
Some TeKaskara 
A few basil leaves, chopped 
2 boiled eggs 
half a cup of Sauteed Chicken and/or Koi (last 3 ingredients optional) 

Wash the vegetables thouroughly. Steam the vegetables until their colors are bright; this means they are done. Remove the vegetables, and if desired, cut them up into smaller pieces. Add the Sian Noya, the chopped basil, and toss the vegetables. add TeKaskara to taste. If desired, chop up the eggs, koi and/or chicken, and add them to the salad too.



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