"Sian Noya "
Gryrnese Mayonnaise


Sian Noya 

A creamy sauce, Sian Noya is used as a flavouring for otherwise bland steamed vegetables, as a bread spread, or as a component for more complex sauces.


A cup of cone nut oil 
An egg or two egg yolks 
Some plum vinegar 
Koi Oil 
Dried Crushed trell petals (last 3 ingredients optional) 


Beat egg(s) until they are moderately thick. Add a small drizzle of oil at a time, and beat well after each addition, making sure it is well-mixed before adding more oil. Add a few drops or so of plum vinegar. The resulting mixture should be quite thick and perfectly smooth. If it isn't, the oil was added too quickly, or it wasn't beaten well enough. Add plum vinegar and oil alternately until they are used up. You can add dried, crushed trell petals ore a few pinches of TeKaskara to taste. Also, you can add some Koi Oil to add a distinct koi flavoing, for those who like it.



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