"Sweet Plum Tea "
Gryrnese Style Tea


Ikaa Aaoi, the famed Gryrnese Restaurant critic, fond of sweets, recorded this Gryrnese beverage as a favorite in his review of the restaurants of Gryranfryll Wabe...

Sweet Plum Tea 

Enjoyed by both adults and children alike, this light, refreshing drink tastes absolutely wonderful when drunk on a nice, mid-day break. An excellent accompaniment to Honey-Nut Seikouks!

For every glass of Sweet Plum Tea, you will need: 


3/4 part of Tea 
A small drizzle of Honey 
1/4 part of Plum Juice 

This is largely based on personal preferrence, so feel free to change the amount of any of the ingredients! After steeping the tea, add the plum juice. Now, snce the juice is already a bit sweet, slowly add the honey to taste.

Or, you can steep the tea not in water, but in the Plum Juice itself! This makes for a stronger plum taste. Afterwards, simply add more honey as desired.


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