"Seikouks "
Gryrnese Honey-Nut Confections


Ikaa Aaoi, the famed Gryrnese Restaurant critic, always carried small sweets with him to clear his tongue and mind. Here is one type of sweet he enjoyed...

Honey-Nut Seikouks 

Many a little child has enjoyed this delicious treat. But that doesn't mean grownups don't like them, too! Either alone, or with plum jam, these little crunchy confections are absolutely wonderful.


Half a cup of sow butter 
3/4 cup of Honey 
A pinch of trell pollen 
An egg 
A cup of rice flour 
Half a cup of cone nuts 

Melt the butter over a low heat. Remove from heat and stir in honey untill well mixed, then add the trell pollen. Add the egg and beat until smooth. Bit by bit, mix in the flour. After they have blended thouroughly, fold in the nuts. Place on a buttered pan and bake until they become a bit puffy and the edges become golden. Let cool then serve. A variation of sorts: You can either reduce the honey to half a cup and mix in half a cup of Plum Jam, or simply have the Plum jam spead on top. Makes 4 dozen or so.


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