"TsalBaak "
Gryrnese Salt Buried Baked Chicken


Ikaa Aaoi, the famed Gryrnese Restaurant critic, preferred simple but elegant dishes, and TsalBaak is an example of this wish. It is believed that this recipe has remained unchanged since the time of the First People. It is served whenever there is an occasion to celebrate, or for family gatherings.


One chicken 
Salt (and lots of it) 

Wash the chicken thoroughly. hang up overnight in a well ventilated area to ensure it is totally dry. heat the salt to make sure it is dry, too.

Spoon a layer of salt in a flameproof casserole. put the chicken in the casserole and cover with the salt. Cook over a fire that isn't too high. gradually add more fuel until the flame is a bit hotter, then cook the chicken for a bit more, untill the meat is white. Remove from the salt, and chop into bite sized pieces.




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