"Otse "
Gryrnese Basil Sauce


Ikaa Aaoi, the famed Gryrnese Restaurant critic, once claimed that the heart of Gryrnese cuisine was in the flavor of basil and ants, and while this recipe has no ants, it does feature prominently the flavor of basil. Essentially a basil creme sauce, Otse is a common ingredient.

Though this sauce is used mainly on noodles, it is not uncommon to see a household serving soup with an Otse sauce base. It is also used as a bread spread, when mixed in a 1:2 ratio with Gryrnese cheese. There is a famed dish on Flame Island that covers Koi with Otse sauce.


A pinch of salt 
A bunch of fresh, chopped basil 
A pinch of trell pollen 
1/3 cup of cone nut oil 
Half a cup of cone nuts, toasted slightly 
Half a cup of Gryrnese Sow Cheese 

Using a hard wooden stick and bowl (what the Mundanese call a mortar and pestle), add the salt, trell pollen, a tablespoon of oil and some cone nuts and start pounding. Continue adding cone nuts and oil until you achieve a smooth consistency. add the cheese and mix well.





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