"ErtGly-Tsuu "
Gryrnese Root Salsa


This bitter salad/sauce is used to "pep up" all manner of dishes. It can be made out of unpopular (and therefore cheap) ingredients, and is commonplace among the poor. The proportions and ingredients vary as to family recipe.

Tradition and experience testify that this tastes much better three or four days after it is prepared, when the flavors have had time to intermingle and the plums are slightly pickled. Because of this, families will often keep a jar of ErtGly-Tsuu, filling it with whatever is available as it runs lower.

3 parts Miriples, cut into small cubes 
3 parts unripe Plums, cubed 
1 part shredded sourgrass 
1 part shredded cone tree root 
1 part shredded basil root 
.5 parts cone tree bark 
.5 parts plum or basil leaves 
Salt or Ant Pepper to taste 

Chop and mix all solid ingredients. Toss in vinegar until well coated, add Salt or Ant Pepper. Let sit at least three days.

With this and some crisp, unleavened rice crackers, you can have chips and salsa! 


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