"Gyr-Gletil "
Gryrnese staple gruel


Wherever Gryrnese people are on a budget, Gyr-Gletil can be found on the table, and is the most common food of the working person, according to a report on the poor prepared by Alchemist Council Waen Pahworzu, as part of a Third Shatterel Meeting of the Governmental Council of Gryrnu.

This was the food most often consumed by Chou and Lupiko during their days in Ponsbury, and most meals would find them eating a bowl of this lumpy and pale dietary staple.



4 handfuls of steamed rice 
2 handfuls of chopped Glaxin root 
1 handful of split Brasbanes 
1 handful of chopped Miriples 
4 pinches of salt 
2 pinches of TeKaskara 
2 sprigs of sour grass 
2 sprigs of green basil 
1 pinch of Vlaxilin 


2 handfuls of chopped Bosom Sow, rat, or chicken meat 
2 handfuls of chopped Anagroats 


Bring a large pot of salted water to boil. Add the Glaxin roots, split Brasbanes, and Miriples to the water. When the Glaxin and Miriples are slightly tender, add three of the 4 handfuls of steamed rice, saving the last handful for later. Stir, allowing the rice to break down into a gruel. As the rice is breaking down, add the TeKaskara to taste, followed by the Vlaxilin (to stave off the Weakness). Also add the sour grass and green basil, chopped fine, while continuing to stir the Gyr-Gletil. When the rice is fully broken down, and the Gyr-Gletil has a thick consistency, add the final handful of steamed rice for texture.

Serve in large bowls, with rice flatbread. This will feed up to four people, but increase the quantity of ingredients by 1, for every extra person past four added to your table.

This can be considered a Gryrnese staple dish, served in almose every common houshold in Gryrnu. Many variations of this dish exists, based solely on what is available and inexpensive at market. Chopped meats can be added when the water to begins to boil, to allow the cooking process to tenderize the cuts. Anagroat can be substituted for the Glaxin root, but it is not recommended to combine both in Gyr-Gletil, since the individual flavors of Glaxin and Anagroat tend to clash.


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